Superhero Dog Costumes

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes—and they’re not just limited to humans. Halloween is the perfect time to have superheroes come out and play without revealing their true identities. This Halloween, celebrate your four-legged superhero with superhero pet costumes!

Dogs are always by our side. They’re there when we’re sad. They’re there when we’re stressed. If you think about it, all dogs are natural superheroes--they’re always by your side, looking out for you, kind of like Batman watches over Gotham City. This Halloween, put your pup into a Rubie’s Batman dog costume to represent who he really is. This costume features hook and loop closures to help make it easy to put on so your pup is ready to fight crime and durable dog toys.

Cats have some real superpowers, too—they have nine lives, and they land on their feet most of the time. They even manage to find endless ways to come between us and our work (definitely a bad guy) thanks to their determination to plop themselves right on our lap! Deck your cat out in a Rubie’s Costume Company Wonder Woman dog and cat costume to show how wondrous they really are.

Make sure to pick up a Rubie’s Superman costume for cats and dogs for those pets in our lives that can zoom around faster than a speeding bullet. Just make sure that they’ve got some bully sticks or catnip to keep them going.

If you and your pup want to win the dog costume contest as a dynamic duo, try playing the part of a villain and their sidekick. For the four-legged mischief-makers, there’s the Rubie’s Costume Company Harley Quinn dog costume, complete with a white pom-pom collar and a jester dog hat to go along with Rubie's Costume Company Pirate Girl Dog Costume.

Don’t forget treat your superheroes and villains to some delicious Halloween pet treats. For a quick boost after fighting crime, there’s The Honest Kitchen pumpkin spice latte for dogs and cats to perk them right up again.

Whether you’ve got a gang of superheroes or villains, Chewy has got your back with all of your Halloween pet supplies to fit the occasion. And, don't forget your cat litter or dog kennels while you are finding the perfect dog Halloween costume or cat costume!

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