Small Animal Toys

Give your small pet the play time experience they deserve with custom toys from Chewy. Pet parents can find a variety of small pet toys including the very best hamster toys, guinea pig toys, rabbit toys, ferret toys, rat toys, hedgehog toys, mouse toys and chinchilla toys. Small pets need engaging toys just as much as big pets do. Whether it's a fun accessory to play with or a toy that helps increase their activity level, small pet toys from Chewy can help you keep your tiny pet happy and healthy. Guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits love toys that can satisfy their natural need to gnaw. Chewy offers a variety of small pet toys for chewing like Kaytee perfect chews for guinea pigs and rabbits. These chew toys are designed to fulfill your pets need to bite. They come in a variety of crunch textures, colors and shapes for maximum playtime fun. They even come with a clasp for easy cage attaching. Other top small pet toys brands include Living World and Marshall. Living World makes a variety of small animal tunnels, perfect for the furry pet who enjoys tunnel play. Tunnel toys mimic your cuddly pet's natural environment, providing them with a familiar way to play, hide, nap and explore. In addition to chew toys, tunnels and ball toys, Chewy also has a great selection of exercise wheels, including hamster balls & wheels and chinchilla wheels. The Kaytee Silent Spinner is a great way to encourage hamster or guinea pig exercise. The silent wheel is ideal for pet parents, because it allows your pet to get the exercise they need without the loud cage noise. Chewy carries a wide collection of Ferret toys including the Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball Pack Ferret Toy. Ferrets love to burrow within ball pits and chasing rolling toys. For the best small pet toys on the market, shop Chewy now.

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