Cat Waterless Grooming

When it comes to cat grooming and hygiene, your cuddly kitty wins best in class. Cats have barbed tongues which makes it possible for them to lick themselves clean. Adult cats spend as much as half of their waking hours grooming themselves, their relatives and feline friends. While they love to keep clean, don't think you'll find your cat luxuriating in your bath tub any time soon. If you thought bathing a dog was difficult, try getting a cat wet. You may want to stand back for this. While not all cat breeds hate water, many do. Fortunately, unlike dogs, cats seldom require baths, because of how much self-grooming they do. If your attempts at making bath time fun for your feline friend have been unsuccessful, Chewy has a solution for you. Find cat wipes, waterless cat shampoo and cat grooming sprays and foams to keep your kitty clean when there's no time or patience for bath time. Chewy carries top cat cleaning wipes like Earthbath hypo-allergenic grooming wipes. They are a gentle and quick way to clean your pets in between baths. Don't let your cat go to bed dirty, pop open the container, pull out a wipe, and gently remove dirt from their fur. These extra thick and soft wipes condition skin thanks to Hawaiian Awapuhi extract, vitamin E and aloe vera. Cat cleaning wipes are also great while traveling. Don't want to wreck the hotel room trying to clean your cat? Freshen up your pretty kitty with a quick wipe down. If your furry friend got into something stinky, try a cat deodorizer spray from Chewy. With one quick spray, you can wash that stink away. A cat cleaning spray is a quick and convenient alternative your cat will prefer. Whether you need a new cat treecat foodcat litter or any other cat supplies, Chewy's online pet store is your one stop shop for great deals on all pet supplies.

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