After returning home to Medina, Ohio, after serving in World War II, brothers Bill and Jack Kelly recognized a significant gap in the pet food market and seized upon that opportunity to begin creating superior quality pet food in 1947. They developed a highly nutritious food using only real meat sources, and froze it to retain the freshness and extend its storage life. Pet parents were delighted with the frozen product, but frequently inquired when Bil-Jac would begin offering a dry kibble food. Unwilling to sacrifice the quality they had become known for by using the substandard rendered meat meals prevalent in pet foods at the time, they developed their very own system of low-temperature, vacuum-drying process that extracted the moisture from the meat without compromising its nutritional value. With this proprietary process in place, Bil-Jac proudly introduced its first line of innovative, superior-quality dry pet foods and treats nearly 40 years after revolutionizing the pet food industry with their frozen food. Today, they continue that commitment to offering vital nutrition for pets with their ever-growing assortment of foods and treats.

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