Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt Aquatics Established in 2011 by a team of leaders with over 60 years of combined experience in the aquatic industry, Cobalt Aquatics is deeply rooted with an incredible amount of knowledge, as well as a passion for fishkeeping. Including a research biologist, a pioneering fish importer, and a sales expert, the trio got together to form Cobalt Aquatics with one mission in mind—to create an aquatics company using the values they learned by their own mentors, as well as the lessons they learned throughout of lifetime of fishkeeping. Their humble beginnings started off with a small product line of probiotic-enhanced fish foods and a few aquarium equipment items. Today they now offer hundreds of items, including award-winning heaters that keep tanks and aquariums at optimal temperatures. And throughout their successful journey, one thing has always remained clear, and that was the goal to bring the highest quality products to the people that love fish.

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