Pet Parents

Pet Parents is a small company headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa and made up of pet parents just like you. Everything they do, create, and sell comes from that perspective; from being a pet parent themselves! Their focus is on serving the needs of pets and their parents from puppyhood, through adulthood, and the golden years. Their products revolve around the mantra; “Happy House, Happy Pets”. That’s why they make dog diapers and belly bands that serve pets and their parents through every stage of their fur baby's life. Pet Parents is the leading manufacturer of washable dog diapers and washable dog belly bands, with sizes ranging to fit the tiniest of tea cup chihuahuas to the largest great Danes. Whether you want your dog diapers and dog belly bands to look stylish on your cute princess, look classy on your gentlemen, or even look natural and blend in with your dog's fur, they have the style your pooch will look great in. Plus, because, like every good pet parent, they fuss over how your pup feels too, their products are ultra-wearable and great for the environment too.

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