ThunderEase is a sub brand of ThunderWorks, the insanely calming pet brand that has changed the lives of millions of cats and dogs all over the world. This pet-focused brand got their beginning when founder, Phil Blizzard stumbled across a solution to his beloved Dosi’s fear of storms. Dosi would tremble and shake with fear during thunderstorms and fireworks, which compelled Phil to search for a solution that didn’t including sedating his pet. What started as just an old t-shirt wrapped around his dog has turned into a solution that has eased the lives of millions of terrified animals all over the world. While the ThunderShirt works to calm pets from the outside, ThunderEase was developed to soothe anxious and upset pets from the inside—focusing on natural, non-sedative solutions that pet lovers have relied on for ages, such as holistic sprays and pheromone therapy. Their goal is to take the pet out of petrified!

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