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In Chewy's virtual library of cat books, you'll discover the answers to all your burning questions about cat care, plus a treasure trove of facts about cats that are informative and entertaining, not to mention full-color cat calendars. New cat owners can search for cat care tips and tricks, and even longtime lovers of all things feline are sure to learn useful advice, too. Have you ever wanted to take a photo of your pet that captures his astounding personality? That's a skill you can work on with the help of cat books that show you how. Or perhaps you know almost nothing about cats and why they do things, so you're looking for some books with cat facts that can give an explanation. Cat books on behavioral issues keep the answers handy, and they're written by kitty experts that know what they're talking about. And if you're trying to find out the quirks of a certain breed, you've come to the right place. Cat breed books offer a great deal of information about various breeds as well as tons of facts about cats. There are also cat books that tell stories of famous (and not famous) cats that pull at the heartstrings. Some cat books have tales that recount the love and loyalty that pet parents can share with their special feline companions, and others let you enjoy hilarious or cute photos of adorable cats in amazing adventures. Did we mention that books that are all about cats make great gifts for cat parents? You can conveniently shop online for a cat care book that speaks to their love for kitties and then check it off your to-do list. And you can even have it sent right to their house by adding their address to your account. While you're shopping, be sure to check out all of our cute calendars that feature fabulous felines. Find the perfect desk calendar for the office, or a cat calendar with beautiful photos or illustrations of kitties, like the adorable Pusheen the Cat calendar. So whether you're browsing for yourself or for a fellow pet parent, we're sure we have some cute calendars and cat books full of cat facts that you can't live without. Now that you have done your homework it's time to shop for some great cat supplies. Chewy carries cat food, cat litter, cat towers and even cat toys. So don't forget to shop Chewy for the best pet supplies and cat products online today!

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