Mouse Cages & Playpens

Before bringing your pint-sized pal home, you need to pick out the right mouse cage so he has a cozy and safe place to call his own. At Chewy, we know it is an important decision to make, so we offer a variety of pet mouse cages for sale.

Wire cages and aquariums are popular choices. Wire cages provide good ventilation, horizontal bars for fun climbing and they are easier to clean, but they tend to be more expensive than aquariums. Aquariums help prevent escape attempts and protect your buddy better from curious kids, but they have less fresh air and ventilation. Whatever type of mouse cage you choose, it should have a deep base you can fill with bedding so your buddy can burrow.

Because mice are some of the tiniest pets, cages for bunnies, rats and other bigger friends will likely give him too much space to sneak out. When considering a mouse habitat, remember that wire spacing should not be bigger than ¼ inch. Also, select a safe pet mouse playpen to keep your friend secure during his time outside of the cage. Mice might like to chew on electrical wires, your clothing, boxes and anything else they find, so playpens help protect your items, too.

There’s so much more to keeping your mouse happy than just choosing the right cage. You also have to fill it with the essentials and things to make it fun! Mouse bedding is a must-have to help him feel safe and secure. You’ll also want entertainment with plenty of mouse toys, like mouse wheels and tunnels Chewy is here with the best mouse cages and all your other pet mouse supplies to help keep your petite pal happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big should a mouse cage be?

A mouse cage does not have to be big. A mouse cage size for just one mouse should be at least 24 inches by 12 inches. Of course, you have your choice between large and small cages for mice. If you are using an aquarium, it should be 10 gallons or larger. A large mouse cage is especially helpful if you have multiple furry friends.

What do mice need in their cage?

Mice need a few essentials in their cage. You should have the accessories to keep her happy and the extras that make her house a home. For example, a mouse water bottle and a food bowl are necessities. In her cage, you’ll also need mouse bedding to keep her as cozy as can be. Mouse toys are great for playtime and keeping her mentally stimulated. Wood toys help keep her tiny teeth healthy. You can even make your own toys out of paper towel rolls or cardboard! Mouse wheels and tunnels are great additions to your fur-iend’s cage. The wheel gives her a chance to run any time of day or night, and the tunnel is paw-fect for zooming through or hiding.

What is the best mouse cage?

The best mouse cage has plenty of ventilation, is escape-proof and is big enough for your petite fur-iend. The Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage is a mouse heaven and makes prepping for your new pal a cinch. It comes with essentials and other fun additions like an exercise wheel. If you’d like a multi-level home, the Ware Chew Proof 4 Story Small Animal Cage is also a popular option for petite friends.

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