Dog Crate Covers & Accessories

If you're looking for ways to make a dog crate extra cozy and inviting for your pupper, dog crate accessories may be the perfect upgrade. Dog crates and kennels don't come with the homey additions your dog needs for it to immediately feel like a safe space. And if you are dealing with a nervous dog, designing the space to help decrease the chances of separation anxiety is a great idea to make your furry friend feel more at home in his plastic dog kennel or dog crate den. Just like tiny homes, it's important to maximize the space. You can put a dog bowl inside the crate, but why waste much-needed floor space when you can hook it onto the dog crate door? The MidWest Snap'y Fit stainless steel pet bowl snaps securely in place, which reduces the chances of your dog spilling the water and food. Most dog crates come with a standard crate pan that isn't squishy and inviting, but dog crate mats are a simple solution to provide your dog the comfort he needs. Or, if your snuggly pup is known for bundling up and making nests in piles of clothes or blankets, try adding dog blankets to make his dog crate a tempting place to rest and relax. Sometimes a dog still gets anxious even when you make the dog crate as comfy as can be, which is understandable, especially if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Dog crate covers like the Molly Mutt I Don't Like Mondays dog crate cover can help make your dog's crate feel safe and secure. This cover can help reduce anxiety and help your dog settle down for quiet time. All he'll be able to focus on is his cozy blankie, his dog toys and how delicious his dog treats are. Shop Chewy for all your dog supplies and pet products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Crate Covers & Accessories

Are crate covers good for dogs?

Crate covers can be good for dogs by providing privacy and warmth. They can also help soothe anxiety by limiting noise and visual distractions. Many dogs enjoy the feeling of a covered crate at bedtime, and you can use adjustable crate covers to provide more or less light for your dog depending on the circumstances and time of day.

Should you use a dog crate cover during the day?

You should use a dog crate cover during the day if you need to create a quieter, darker area to relieve anxiety and promote rest. Normally, dog crate covers are used at night to signal that it is time to rest, but they can be used during the day in special circumstances. If your dog is recovering from surgery or in a new and stressful environment, a crate cover may make her feel better. Just make sure you keep an eye on her and see that she isn't too warm or distressed. Many crate covers feature retractable panels that let you adjust them according to your needs.

Are dog crate covers breathable?

Some dog crate covers are breathable, but they all restrict air flow to varying degrees, so be sure to closely monitor your dog. Avoid covering the crate completely, if possible, and look for crate covers with mesh openings for added ventilation. Covers in breathable material like lightweight cotton can help aid air flow, as well.

What are the best dog crate covers?

The best dog crate covers will provide privacy for your dog while allowing for adequate ventilation. Look for models with features like retractable panels that let you create more or less privacy as your dog needs it. Mesh panels are a great dog crate cover design feature that allows for improved visibility and air flow. The best dog crate covers will help your dog feel cozy, safe and warm without being too hot or stuffy. Dog crate covers in canvas, cotton or other washable material will make cleaning easier, too.