Dehydrated Dog Treats

After a walk or in between meals, a nice, tasty snack is much appreciated by your four-legged friends. Because it shows that you care, why not stock up on the good stuff -dehydrated dog treats. Many dogs are used to highly processed treats, which might be super delicious, but they’re not doing your pets any favors, health wise. Dehydrated treats, on the other hand, are minimally processed indulgences that are made with real food. And they still look like real food, with all of the natural colors and nutrients preserved. It’s like the difference between fast food and packing a lunch from home. Do a quick search on Chewy for dehydrated dog treats, and you’ll find two main types -those with sweet potatoes, and those with meat or fish. Almost every sweet potato treat is made with 100% dehydrated sweet potatoes, and the others have one simple meat ingredient. Making these dehydrated treats is pretty much like making jerky or much-loved fruit leather. One wholesome ingredient goes in, the moisture is removed, and the same ingredient comes out, only dehydrated. The result is a treat that maintains all of its nutritional value and taste. No wonder dogs go nuts for these treats. Sam’s Yams are popular with doggy connoisseurs because they look and taste like slices of real sweet potato chips or fries with a texture that helps clean teeth and gums. Blue Ridge Naturals has their own version with their delicious Sweet Tater Fries. Smokehouse takes savory duck breast meat and wraps it around sweet potato sticks for a mouthwatering dehydrated treat that’s perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies. If meat is the main motivator for your pup, there are tons of single or limited ingredient dehydrated dog treats for him to try. Primal has some unique protein options with Venison Lung Snaps, Buffalo Liver Snaps and Pork Liver Snaps, or you can stick with their more traditional Chicken Shredders. And seafood lovers can munch on The Honest Kitchen’s Beams Catfish Skin Sticks, Wishes Pure Iceland Haddock or Wonders Pollock Fish Skin dehydrated treats. Now’s the time to give your pooch’s treat jar an upgrade. Fill it up with some lip-smacking dehydrated treats made from real food, not full of fillers, preservatives, and overprocessed or refined ingredients. Once you find the treats that keep your dog’s tail wagging, you can add them to your Chewy Autoship so you’ll never run out!

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