Prescription Ear Drops & Medicine for Dogs & Cats

Making sure your pet stays healthy from nose to tail involves proper cat ear care products and dog ear care products. If your pet has been diagnosed with a cat ear infection or a dog ear infection, Chewy Pet Pharmacy carries a broad selection of prescription pet meds online. We stock pet medications that are formulated to address ear infections in cats and ear infections in dogs, including a variety of vet-prescribed antibiotic ear drops for dogs and cats.

Having itchy ears is no fun for you or your pal, so make sure to consult with your veterinarian for the right pet meds to help their ears heal. Signs of ear infections in cats and dogs include red, itchy ears that can also be painful, which means quick relief is crucial. This is not only beneficial for your pal’s immediate well-being, but to prevent a dog or cat ear infection from becoming a worse health condition. Ear infections in dogs in cats can actually damage their hearing if left untreated.

So whether you’re dealing with long, floppy ears or short, pointy ones, you can find your prescription ear medicine for dogs and cats—the same ones that you’d find at your vet’s office—online at the Chewy Pet Pharmacy.

To treat cat and dog ear infections, veterinarians rely on pet antibiotics and antifungal pet medications to eradicate bacteria and some fungal infections. Ear medicine for dogs and cats comes in the form of ear drops for dogs and cats that are placed directly into your pal’s ears, or as an ointment or a gel.

Prevention is essential in helping to avoid common ear problems in dogs and cats, so ask your veterinarian about which pet meds are right for your pet.

Helping your pal’s ears heal with is a whole lot easier and simpler with the Chewy Pharmacy. To order your pet meds online —from ear drops for cats to ear medicine for dogs—all you need is a valid prescription from your veterinarian. If you don’t have one, no need to stress—the Chewy pet Rx team will follow up with your vet for approval.

You can also add your regular pet supplies like dog food, dog toys, cat treats, cat toys and even a dog house or dog beds along with your pet’s prescription.

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