Cow & Cattle Feed

Cattle feed provides livestock with the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber they need to thrive. There are two main types of cattle food you can buy: feeds formulated to supplement forage eaten by grazing or from dried forage, and those made to serve as the primary food source. Our online pet store offers a wide variety of choices for feeding cattle, including starter, grower and finisher feeds for calves, conditioning and gainer feeds for adults, and even special varieties for dairy cows. You can also find many types of farm animal feed that will work for a range of livestock, eliminating the need to buy separate cattle feed, sheep and goat feed and pig feed bags and saving time, space and money. To ensure ongoing farm animal health and wellness, make sure to add vitamin, mineral and probiotic supplements to your feed where appropriate, tailoring the types and amounts to the changing needs of your animals. You should also consider feeding your cattle healthy farm animal treats like chunks of apples, carrots or even horse treats to combat boredom, boost nutrients and make your animals more friendly. Remember to consult with a nutritionist or vet to develop the right feeding program for your cattle, and check out Chewy’s convenient farm store for all your farm supplies and animal needs!

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