Chinchilla Feeders & Bowls

Keeping your chinchillas well-fed and healthy means having hay available at all times, along with pelleted food and fresh veggies at regular intervals. Having a few chinchilla food bowls and a hay rack in the cage will make the process go more smoothly and keep things neat and tidy for your pets. Chewy carries a great selection of chinchilla feeders, food bowls, and hay racks, along with all the food, hay and treats you’ll need to keep them full for your little pals.

Chinchillas should be fed a diet consisting of lots of hay, pelleted food, fresh greens and veggies and the occasional treats. A hay feeder will make it easier to keep your hay supply fresh, clean and dry and helps contain messy hay much better than bowls. A hay rack that attaches to the side of the cage or a free-standing wheel design will probably work best, although you can make DIY chinchilla food tubes for hay out of old toilet paper or paper towel cardboard cores, too.

You’ll need one or two regular food bowls to feed pellets and fresh veggies as well, so look for chew-proof bowls that are tip-resistant or ones that fasten onto the cage. Chinchillas are avid chewers of everything, so make sure to choose bowls made of ceramic, metal or chew-resistant plastic. Spill-proof bowls will help avoid messes and wasted food, as chinchillas often knock their bowls over. Small bowls are ideal for chinchillas since they eat mainly hay. Larger gravity-fed feeders aren’t necessary, since free-feeding pellets can make them gain unhealthy weight.

Good chinchilla water bottles are a must for your chinchilla cage as well, since you always need to have fresh, clean water available for your furry friends. Chinchilla toys made of hay or wood sticks can make good chew treats for your chins, and mixing hay into bedding provides something fun and tasty for them to chew, as well. Chewy has all the chinchilla supplies and feeding implements you need for mealtimes and all the healthy chinchilla food you need to fill their little bowls with. Shop our great selection of chinchilla food bowls and set your pets up for some meals to remember!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do chinchillas need food bowls?

Chinchillas don’t necessarily need food bowls, but having them can keep things tidy and help you keep track of how much they’re eating. A hay rack can come in handy for feeding your chinchillas, too, since much of their diet consists of fresh hay. Hay racks will keep the hay in one place and keep it fresh and dry for your chinchillas.

What are the best food bowls for chinchillas?

The best food bowls for chinchillas will be chew-proof, tip-proof and easy for your chins to eat from. Ceramic or metal bowls are best, and models that fasten onto the cage can help avoid spills and tips. Slightly elevated bowls may stay cleaner, too, so look for bowls that clamp onto the wires of the habitat and try mounting them slightly above floor level.

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