Hermit Crab Food

If you’re the proud owner of these adorable, tiny, crawly crustaceans, you’ve come to the right place to keep your little guy’s hunger satisfied. Hermit crabs are omnivores, so their diet consists of animal proteins, fruits and vegetables—no starches though! These mini decapods also love to munch down on grains, nuts and seeds, though these foods should be ground into a fine powder so that your tiny guy is able to easily eat them. It’s important to provide your hermit crab with important nutrients, especially calcium, to take care of their exoskeleton. Other ways to add calcium to your hermit crab’s diet include feeding him crushed eggshells, supplements and cuttlebone. It may come as no surprise that hermit crabs take very little bites and eat very slowly, but like us, hermit crabs enjoy a variation in diet. Zilla Reptile Munchies Fruit Mix reptile food is a delicious, vitamin-packed mix of freeze-dried fruits like apples, bananas, peaches and pears. For a hermit crab pellet food full of nutrients and protein, Fluker's Buffet Blend hermit crab food is a nutritious meal with mealworms and river shrimp. Smaller hermit crabs may not have big enough claws that are able to grab onto pellet food as easily as their bigger friends, so powdered hermit crab food is the best way to go. For a powdered food especially made for our little crab friends with smaller claws, Fluker's instant fruit treat is a nice, healthy treat with delicious honey, coconut milk and strawberry powder. It even comes with a mini bowl and spoon for you to hand-feed your little friend in their cozy hermit crab habitat. Browse around to check out more hermit crab food options, including dehydrated, pellet and powder forms! For all of your other reptile supplies needs remember to shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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