Reptile Food

Keep your reptile happy and healthy with yummy food and treats from Chewy. Chewy carries reptile food and treats online such as turtle food, frog food, newt food, lizard food and hermit crab food. Not sure what your reptile likes to eat? On Chewy you can find live reptile food, freeze-dried reptile food and dry food for your best friend. Turtles enjoy a wide variety of foods. On Chewy you will find turtle food recipes containing fruit, dried red shrimp, mealworms, anchovies and vegetables. Turtle food comes canned, freeze-dried, or in the form of kibble. Top turtle food brands include Zilla, Tetra and Zoo Med. The Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Maintenance Formula turtle food is made to float on the water's surface, where turtles typically like to feed. There's nothing frogs enjoy more than good mealworm reptile food. You'll find a variety of options when it comes to mealworms on Chewy. Lizards love crickets, and Chewy carries them. Try Zoo Med's Can O' Crickets for your reptile. Crickets are cooked in the can to lock in flavor and freshness. The process also softens the exoskeleton for easier digestion. You can expect 60 farm-raised crickets from every can. Buying canned crickets is a lot easier than having to store live crickets until mealtime. Wondering if you should feed your reptile live food? Experts believe that while feeding live food is good for some reptiles, it can be dangerous with certain species. Very few snakes require live food. Snakes that live in the wild often scavenge for dead animals and road kill. One reason to avoid feeding live food to a snake is the risk of injury to your pet. Many frogs will avoid non-moving food, which poses a different challenge to amphibian parents. Turtles will for the most part be happy with prepared foods, but some require living earthworms for their meals. Find reptile food and treats your precious pet will love on Chewy.

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