Front Clip Dog Harnesses

Have you ever seen a sled dog running full-speed through the snow alongside her furry companions? These dogs are outfitted with dog harnesses that clip in the back, which encourages them to surge forward at top speed to compete in a race such as the Iditarod. But pet parents and dog walkers want to achieve the opposite effect. Dog harnesses give owners an alternative to dog collars; however, traditional harnesses may not provide enough control over a dog who pulls on the leash. That’s where a front clip harness comes in. By attaching a dog leash to a front clip harness, pet parents can prevent their dog from pulling them down the street on their daily walks. A front clip harness, such as the PetSafe Easy Walk dog harness, accomplishes this by allowing a pet owner to steer their dog to the side and redirect him. These harnesses fasten under the belly of a dog and also across the chest. The Frisco padded front lead dog harness is outfitted with nylon webbing and a padded mesh chest piece. You can attach a leash to the frontal O-ring to help bring your dog’s attention back to you without causing neck strain. The 2 Hounds Design Freedom no pull dog harness and leash comes in a variety of colors and gives dog owners a stylish means of keeping their dog from lunging at a squirrel and pulling them along in the process. And the Kurgo Journey dog harness has a handle on the back that can come in handy if you need to quickly gain extra control over your pup.

Front clip harnesses help to improve communication between a dog and owner and are great tools for everyday walks and dog training sessions. A dog will get used to a no pull harness quickly, especially with the help of some tasty dog treats. For front clip dog harnesses and more, shop Chewy for all your dog supplies and pet supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Front Clip Dog Harnesses

What is a front clip dog harness?

A front clip dog harness is a harness with the leash clip on the front. Front clip dog harnesses improve your control during walks, allowing you to redirect your dog more easily than with a traditional collar or harness. Front clip harnesses are also known as no-pull harnesses and they are especially good for controlling and training dogs who pull on walks.

How do you use a front clip dog harness?

Use a front clip dog harness by fastening it onto your pet according to the manufacturer's instructions and clipping a leash to the front clip. Walk your dog as you normally would, redirecting her gently if she begins to pull. Front clip dog harnesses redirect the force of pulling so your dog has to stay next to you in order to go forward. Any pulling directs your dog closer to you, allowing you to maintain greater control.

Are front clip harnesses good for dogs?

Front clip harnesses are good for some dogs, especially those who pull. Front-clip harnesses can help you train your dog to pull less and minimize the risk of injury when your dog does pull. Front clip harnesses can be good for small dogs, who can be at increased risk of neck injury in a regular collar if they tend to pull a lot. Larger dogs who pull can be very difficult to control, and a front clip dog harness can be a good way to regain control.

What are the best front clip dog harnesses?

The best front clip dog harnesses are those that fit well and feature comfortable materials and construction. Sturdy hardware is a must for any front clip dog harness, especially if you have a strong dog who pulls hard. Look for things like adjustable straps and buckle closures that make fitting and putting on the harness quick and easy. Features like reflective material and breathable mesh provide added comfort and safety, as well.