Guinea Pig Harnesses & Carriers

For those times when you want or need to take your guinea pig out of the house, you may consider getting a guinea pig carrier to aid the process. Chewy has the best guinea pig pet carrier choices, plus a host of other supplies to help make getting out of the house as safe and easy as possible for your pet.

A great way to bring your guinea pig wherever he needs to go, whether to the vet or on an outing, is to use a small animal travel carrier. A good guinea pig travel carrier will have adequate ventilation, escape-proof design and sturdy construction. You can find several hard-side and soft-side carriers on our site, and some have cool features like lids that pop open for easy access or a familiar cage-style design to help your guinea pig feel at home on longer outings. Some people worry that travel will be too stressful for their guinea pigs—and it can be—but for essential travel you can safely take your pet on road trips or even planes (in the main cabin only) with the right carrier or travel cage. Just be careful to monitor your guinea pig and take care to avoid temperature changes, direct sunlight and drafts.

Walking your little one using a guinea pig harness may sound like a fun way to take your pet along with you, but know that it can be dangerous for him and consider limiting any outings to safe backyard areas or secluded spaces. Extreme caution should be used if you use a harness, because guinea pigs are very delicate and can easily suffer spinal injuries, especially if they are frightened and try to twist or run while in the harness. Consider using a guinea pig carrier or travel cage for trips or a guinea pig playpen for backyard adventures instead.

Putting familiar items in the carrier like favorite guinea pig hideouts, guinea pig hammocks & beds, guinea pig toys, or just a comfy blanket will make your guinea pig feel more comfortable on trips. You can even try putting a little clean bedding from his cage in there to provide a familiar scent and a place to ‘go’ during travel. You can also put his guinea pig water bottle and some guinea pig food in the carrier whenever you make stops. Some guinea pig cages will be compact and sturdy enough to take on longer trips, so you should consider taking your guinea pig along in his regular home or bringing it along for pit stops to make him feel more comfortable. You can find all the guinea pig supplies you need for travel and other outings at Shop for guinea pig carriers and find all the best travel gear for your small pet!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put a harness on a guinea pig?

You can put a harness on a guinea pig, but you should use extreme caution if you do. Guinea pigs have delicate bones and can suffer serious spinal issues if they bend the wrong way or if they’re pulled while on a leash. They also startle easily and can injure themselves by twisting or pulling while in a harness. They are also very good at escaping harnesses, so you may find yourself hunting for a loose piggy if you choose to use one. Consider using a good travel carrier for outings instead and set up a playpen for safe out-of-the-cage play.

Can you travel with guinea pigs?

You can travel with guinea pigs, but you’ll need to get a sturdy carrier or travel cage and monitor your guinea pig closely for signs of distress. You can find soft-sided bag-style carriers, sturdy hard-shell cases and cage-style designs to help your guinea pig travel comfortably. Avoid big temperature swings, drafts and direct sunlight and be sure to give your guinea pig food, water and reassurance on stops. Make sure to secure your carrier with a seatbelt or strap if possible, too.

What should I put in my guinea pig carrier?

Put either absorbent bedding, a puppy pad or guinea pig fleece in the carrier to absorb waste during long trips. You can put a hideout or bed in larger carriers or travel cages to keep your guinea pig feeling secure but be careful not to block ventilation holes and monitor the temperature, so your guinea pig doesn’t overheat. You can put a little fresh food or hay in there for snacks but wait until stops to give water to avoid spills.

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