Small Animal Hideouts

Recreate your small pet's natural habitat with small pet hideouts from Chewy. A guinea pig needs more than just comfortable bedding and a nice guinea pig bed, they need a hideout where they can chill out and relax. At Chewy we carry the best pet hideouts for your furry friend. Find everything from grass hideouts to critter space pods on Chewy. A hamster hideout, guinea pig hideout or ferret hideout will let your larger small animal pets know you care for them, and a great new rabbit hideout can help reduce your cuddly companion's anxiety and stress. In their natural environment, rabbits protect themselves from predators with underground tunnels. Their tunnel systems have multiple entrances to provide easy escape from danger. Pet rabbits feel more secure when they know there is a place nearby to hide when they are afraid. A rabbit hideout is even more important if you keep your bunny outdoors. There's much more for them to fear outside, than inside your home. On Chewy we carry the best small pet hideouts from pet brands like Oxbow, Kaytee and Lixit. The Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel works great as a hamster hideout, guinea pig hideout or sanctuary for any other small pet. Made of 100 percent all-natural Timothy Hay, this rabbit hideout is completely edible. It also works as a hideout bed for a good night's rest. For the fun ferret who loves to play, consider Marshall ferret hideouts. The Hide-N-Sleep Alligator Ferret Hideaway bed provides tons of tunneling fun. Your ferret will love curling up and resting inside this soft toy. For the perfect guinea pig hideout, consider the Prevue Nature's Hideaway Grass Tunnel. This hand-woven grass activity center is perfect for your guinea pig, hamster or ferret. The multiple entry points make it the perfect place for your petite pet to burrow, explore and nest. If you prefer something a little more colorful, Chewy has multiple products to explore. The Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks flexible is made from colorful logs that you can twist and bend to create a variety of fun shapes. Create caves, tunnels, tree stumps, stairways and more for your small pet's play. Find the perfect pet hideout for your tiny pet at Chewy.

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