Rat Hideouts & Mats

In order to help your rats feel comfy and secure in their habitat, you’ll need to give each one a rat hideout to hide and sleep in. Chewy offers a wide range of the best rat hideaways, including igloo-style homes, chewable huts, hanging hideouts and more. You’ll also find some good rat cage mat and sleep pouch options on our site to help your pets get the rest and relaxation they need.

Rats burrow in the wild and hide for safety, so a rat hideaway will provide them with the comfort and privacy they need. You can find neat hideouts that look like logs, trees or igloos, or choose a grass hut or wood shelter that doubles as a chew toy, as well. Corrugated cardboard hideouts work as chew toys, play areas and hiding spots all at once and come in cute shapes to add a fun element to your habitat. There are also some neat hideouts that work as fun toys when your pets aren’t napping in them.

Wooden nest boxes make great hidden rest spots, too, and you may find your rats enjoy using a simple grass mat for lounging either inside or outside of a hideout. Filling hideouts and nest boxes with bedding can make them extra inviting for your pets, too.

The best rat hideaways will save space and add interest to your cage, so try getting a few rat hammocks and beds that hang and watch as your rats go wild over them. Rats love hammocks and will use them for play as well as rest, and you can find some neat styles including suspended rat tunnels, pouch and tent styles—there’s even one that looks like a pirate ship! You can also find tunnel or ball-style hideaways that do double duty as fun rat toys when your pets aren’t sleeping. Try hiding some tasty rat treats in there to add extra excitement. Setting up a variety of hideout and nest areas inside your rat cages will make for a more enriching environment and keep your rats from getting bored. Chewy has all the rat supplies you need to make your rat habitats the absolute best for your pets. Shop our great selection of rat hideaways and start setting up the perfect home for your ratty friends!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do rats like hideouts?

Rats love hideouts and will using them for nesting, burrowing and sleep. They simulate the burrow and nest environment they inhabit in the wild and will provide a sense of safety and security for your rats. Always include at least one hideout in your rat cage and try to provide a variety of different types, especially if you have multiple rats. One hideout per rat usually works well for multi-rat habitats.

What are the best types of rat hideouts?

The best types of rat hideouts can be simple cardboard boxes or more elaborate hideaways like hanging tents or wooden nest boxes with sliding tops. Provide a variety of hideouts for your rats and see which ones they prefer. Each rat in a multi-rat habitat may have a different preference, or your rats may all want to crowd together in a favorite hideout. Try out different sizes and mix it up with ground hideouts and hanging hideaways to add interest and create more usable space in your cage.

How big should a rat hideout be?

A rat hideout should be compact enough to make your rats feel sheltered and secure but large enough to allow some airflow and easy movement inside. Rats are one of the larger small pets, so be careful to get a hideout that’s listed as being appropriate for rats since some small animal hideouts may be too small. You’ll probably want to get a slightly larger hideout if you have multiple rats, too, since rats like to cuddle together when they sleep. Get a few different sizes and see which ones your rats prefer. Don’t fret if you wind up with a hideout that’s too small for their taste either—your intelligent rats will probably find a way to use it as a toy!

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