Reptile Humidifiers & Humidity Control

As you may already know, a vital part of maintaining your reptile terrarium is ensuring the humidity remains in the safe zone—the ideal humidity level for your pet, depends upon the type of reptile or amphibian you own. The safe zone is a range, generally with a 1020% allowable variance. If the humidity level falls above or below the safe zone, your pet can suffer a range of health issues. High humidity provides the ideal breeding ground for fungi, including mold. If the humidity in your pet's habitat climbs too high, your pet could suffer severe fungal infections and pneumonia. While low humidity can inhibit the natural growth and life cycle of reptiles and amphibians. If the humidity in your pet's habitat falls too low, your pet can develop respiratory issues and may not be able to shed his skin properly. And females may not be able to reproduce! To avoid these severe issues and ensure the proper humidity level is maintained, you'll need to purchase a reliable, easy-to-read hygrometer. Try the Fluker's Thermo-Hygrometer, Digital which is an accurate and easy to read, making it a great addition to your reptile or amphibian's terrarium. It measures both temperature and humidity so you can maintain consistent levels within your pet's environment, ensuring it stays safe and comfortable for him at all times. This device measures humidity level and relays it in a numerical percentage, with 0% being no moisture and 100% being completely saturated with moisture. You can find analog hygrometers, such as the Exo Terra Analog Thermometer for Reptiles, that provide reliable readings without the need for wires or battery power. Or you could try the Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge which is designed to be easy to read and monitor both the humidity and temperature in your pets habitat. This dual functioning product is an easy way to ensure that you have not left your reptile heat lamps on too long or that the humidity is not too high in the terrarium. Exo Terra makes a bunch of great products for humidity control like the Exo Terra Remote Control for Monsoon Rainfall System which allows you to program a mist delivery to your pet on a scheduled basis! For any of your other reptile supplies needs remember to shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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