Pond Fish & Koi Food

Feeding your Koi is definitely an enriching and rewarding experience. These beautiful fish come up for fish food in a burst of color as they lunge for tasty pellets. Koi are an active bunch, and as such, they will need to be fed a Koi fish food that matches their needs. Koi fish also have different needs depending on the season, so it's important to always have the right type of Koi pond food on hand. Kaytee Koi's Choice Premium Fish Food is a healthy and nourishing floating pellet fish food for koi that is ideal for daily feedings. Koi fish require a diet rich in protein to grow new tissue and maintain muscle health. This hearty fish food is 35% protein, and fish meal is the first ingredient. There's a host of other ingredients like corn, fish oil and alfalfa meal for a complete and balanced meal. You can feed this Koi food pellet all year long. Add a bit of variety to your Koi feeding time with Tetra Pond Flakes Small Fish Food. It's a specially formulated flake food for koi that provides the necessary nutrition for energy and health. It's scientifically developed to support immune systems and help enhance the natural color. It can be fed in spring, summer and fall when temperatures are 50 degrees or higher. Tetra Pond Koi Growth High Protein Koi & Goldfish Food is a high protein Koi fish food and loaded with vitamin C for healthy growth and development. It's a pond food pellet formula that moistens quickly in water for better digestion and less waste. You can give it to your Koi at least two or three times a day during the spring and fall months. Feed your beautiful Koi a delicious selection of Koi pond food for a complete and well-balanced diet rich in protein and other essentials to keep them healthy and happy. Shop the best Koi foods here on Chewy today!

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