Aquarium Water Treatments

It's important to do partial water changes and tidy up your fish aquarium on a regular basis. In the process of doing so, you're likely to change the pH balance of the tank water. Beneficial bacteria will be removed and the new water may contain traces of chlorine which will be toxic to your fish. A safe pH range is somewhere between six to eight in acidity depending on a few factors, including whether it's freshwater or tropical water, as well as the species of fish and other aquatic life in the habitat. Water that is too acidic or alkali will cause your fish a great deal of stress. The improper pH levels will interfere with their basic body functions and leave them vulnerable to disease. Signs that your tank may be in need of a pH treatment include your fish hovering at the bottom of the aquarium with little or no movement or your fish seemingly gasping for air at the aquarium surface. Another symptom to look out for are signs of frayed fins and whitish deposits at the water surface. And if your fish are not eating, hiding and/or showing discomfort then consider an aquarium pH treatment. Use a fish testing kit like API pH Freshwater Aquarium Test Kit to get an accurate reading. Once you confirm that the pH levels are unsafe, you should proceed with the right aquarium water treatment. You can gently bring back the levels of your aquarium tank with API Proper pH 8.2 Aquarium Water Treatment. It's guaranteed to set and stabilize the pH balance in your aquarium water. It contains soothing aloe vera and electrolytes to reduce fish stress caused by pH levels that are too high or too low. It's ideal for saltwater and brackish aquariums and shouldn't be used in aquariums that contain live plants. Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH Marine Aquarium pH Treatment mixes clear without a trace of cloudiness or precipitation. It contains carbonate, bicarbonate and borate salts to stabilize the tank and prevent drop in pH. Seachem Neutral Regulator pH Adjuster for Freshwater Aquariums is great for adjusting and maintaining pH levels to a neutral pH 7.0. Whether you have to do a routine water change for cleaning purposes or for other reasons like removing disease, then a good aquarium pH treatment will help restore balance to your aquarium. We have pH water treatments for tropical fish, pH water treatments for marine fish, and more. Shop the best aquarium pH treatments for a healthy tank on Chewy today!

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