Ferret Playpens, Habitats & Extensions

Your socialite buddy craves your attention and time out of the cage, and a ferret playpen can be a great way to keep her safe and contained while giving her space to explore.

Your fur-iend is a great climber and escape artist, so the best ferret playpens are tall enough to be fun and will have bars she can’t fit through to prevent her from sneaking out. While she likely won’t have any problem climbing up as high as she can, she might run into a problem! Ferrets aren’t great at climbing back down. That won’t stop her from trying, so it’s helpful to have things at different heights so she can safely go up and down.

When setting up her playpen, you can add some extras to keep her entertained and mentally stimulated like toys, treats and hideouts. Also, your ferret is inquisitive and likes to chew a variety of items, so her ferret pen should be free from items she cannot digest—like foam, soft rubber toys, elastic and squeaky toys. There are indoor and outdoor ferret playpens, so don’t forget to check the yard for dangerous plants and items before setting up. Explore a variety of ferret playpens for sale available at Chewy!

When your fur-iend isn’t in her playpen, she’ll spend most of her time in her ferret cage so it’s important to have all the necessities—plus some special things to make it extra cozy! Because your furbaby is carnivorous, unlike some other small friends, choosing ferret food that meets her dietary needs is essential. You can make her home extra inviting and fill it with soft ferret bedding and ferret beds and hammocks for climbing and resting. For entertainment, ferret toys are a fun, safe choice. You can also add ferret hideouts to provide a place to hide when she needs a rest from playing. Turn to Chewy 24/7 for ferret playpens, ferret supplies and more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best habitat for a ferret?

The best habitat for a ferret is a wire cage. Wire ferret habitats are recommended over glass or plastic enclosures because your fur-iend needs plenty of ventilation to stay healthy. Your ferret is adept at sneaking out, so the best ferret habitats have bars close together to prevent her from slipping through. Also, consider a ferret home with multiple levels to help keep your climber busy and provide ample space for play and rest. Chewy offers a variety of ferret pens and ferret habitats for sale so you can find the right options for your clever friend!

How big of a habitat does a ferret need?

A ferret needs a habitat that is at least 2.5 cubic feet. An average ferret cage is about 24 inches wide and 36 inches high. The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage is a popular choice because it provides multiple levels for play. If you won’t be able to have him out to exercise for a few hours a day or if you have more than one fur-iend, you should consider getting the double-story version of a cage.

What do ferrets need in their habitat?

Ferrets need some essentials in their habitat to stay healthy, plenty of sleep spaces and a supply of toys to help stay busy and entertained. The essentials include ferret water bottles and feeders. Then you’ll also want to provide at least two sleep options, like beds and hammocks. Finally, add in the things that make ferret cage-time fun and engaging like a variety of ferret toys!

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