Rat Supplies & Accessories

Having certain rat supplies on hand is essential to ensuring their continued happiness and good health, and a few well-chosen rat accessories can make caring for your pets easier, too. Chewy carries the best rat supplies for setting up and maintaining your rat habitat, plus a great selection of rat products to keep your rats healthy and well-groomed.

Begin by choosing a roomy habitat for your pet rats, preferably a large, multilevel, chew-proof cage with a solid floor and wire bars less than a half-inch apart. Chewy carries a range of cool rat cages to make finding the perfect habitat easy. Once you’ve chosen a great home for your rats, you’ll need to set up places for them to drink, eat, sleep, nest and eliminate in there. Cage-mounted water bottles are the preferred way to give rats water, but you can use bowls for both water and rat food if you prefer. A small animal litter box will make cleaning the cage less of a chore, too, and using rat treats as a reward can make the potty training process easy. Make sure to choose a safe, non-clay rat litter for your box to avoid digestive and respiratory issues.

You’ll need to line your rat cage with lots of fresh bedding for burrowing and nesting, and you’ll want to put a few rat hideouts or nest boxes in there so your furry friends can nest and sleep peacefully. Rats also need lots of rat toys to combat boredom as well as chew toys to keep their teeth trim. You may also want to invest in a portable playpen to give your rodents some quality time outside the cage.

Chewy also carries a range of other rat supplies you may need from time to time including harnesses and rat carriers, cage cleaning supplies and rat grooming and health products. You’ll find a great selection of everything you need to keep your rats happy, healthy and comfortably housed at Chewy.com. Shop for your rat supplies from the comfort of home and have everything shipped right to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What supplies do pet rats need?

The supplies rats need include a large, chew-proof and preferably tall wire cage, a water bottle and bowls for drinking and feeding and at least one hideout or nest box for a feeling of safety. They also need lots of bedding for the bottom of the cage, a healthy food formulated especially for rats, and healthy snacks of fresh veggies and fruit. You should also put some rat toys, including chew toys and sticks, inside the enclosure. A solid surface wheel can help provide extra exercise for your rats, but be sure to pick one that’s the right size and safe for rats if you do. Finally, a litter box will help you go longer between bedding changes and help reduce odor with regular scooping. Choose a small animal litter box and a non-clay, unscented litter for your rats.

How do you take care of pet rats?

Take care of your rats by setting up a clean, comfy and escape-proof habitat for them with all the ratty essentials inside. Once you’ve covered basic food, housing, rest, play and elimination needs, try to interact with your rats as much as possible and be sure to give them time out of the cage for at least an hour every day. You can rat-proof your home and let your rats roam there, or get a portable playpen to set up a rat-safe area. Rats are naturally intelligent, clean (they groom themselves!) and social animals who love people and love living in groups, so keeping them as pets can be low maintenance, rewarding and fun for the whole family.

How do I set up Autoship on my pet rat supplies?

Set up Autoship for your pet rat supplies when you order by simply clicking the Autoship option at checkout. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and go back to the site and change quantities and shipment timing at any time. You can also easily cancel Autoship if your needs should ever change. You’ll never run out of rat food, litter, bedding or treats again with Chewy’s convenient Autoship service!

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