Guinea Pig Treats

Making your guinea pigs happy by giving them treats can be one of the best parts of keeping them as pets. It’s important to be careful what kind of guinea pig treats you feed them, however, and to avoid giving too many empty calories that may harm their health. Luckily, Chewy has lots of great guinea pig treats for sale, including healthy dried fruit and veggie snacks, crunchy guinea pig treats made from timothy hay, chew treats and more. Take a look at some of the tasty rewards you can get for your little pals.

The best guinea pig treats will be delicious and healthy veggies offered in addition to your pets’ pelleted diet and lots of fresh hay. Fresh or dried fruits offered in small amounts a few times a week work great as special treats, but don’t go overboard as they can be quite high in sugar. You can also give your guinea pigs chew sticks made of tasty wood to help maintain dental health and keep them entertained.

You can also find a variety of packaged treats for your guinea pig to give as special rewards or training enticements. Many are made with healthy timothy hay or alfalfa, and you can also find lots of dried fruit varieties and treats fortified with vitamin C or superfoods for an added boost. There are even some healthy hay “salad” treats studded with dried fruit or tasty flowers! Be careful not to feed treats that are too sugary or processed—or save these for special occasions—and try to stick to varieties with healthy ingredients that are natural for guinea pigs to eat.

If you think of treats as an occasional supplement to the healthy guinea pig food you’re already feeding, it’ll be easier to make healthy choices about what to give as a snack. You can find fun guinea pig toys that hang from the guinea pig cage and dispense treats slowly while encouraging play, or check out the cool hay-filled Guinea pig hideouts and hideaways that combine play time with snack time. There are even guinea pig bowls made of woven edible hay. Chewy stocks all the guinea pig supplies you’ll need to keep your piggies fed, entertained and well-treated. Shop our great selection of guinea pig treats and find some delicious new snacks for your pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What treats do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs like fresh vegetables and fruits and those are the healthiest treats for them, but you can also feed them small animal treats and chews in moderation. Look for healthier packaged treats for guinea pigs, including all-natural varieties made from hay, veggies and fruits. You can also give your piggies tasty wood chew treats to keep their teeth in good shape.

How many treats do I give my guinea pig?

Give your guinea pig treats just a few times a week to avoid overfeeding and too much sugar in the diet. Ideally, treats should constitute only 5-10% of their daily food intake. Avoid overly sugary or processed treats where possible and limit fruits and packaged treat intake to small quantities and infrequent feedings. You can feed up to a cup of fresh veggies and unlimited amounts of hay as a treat every day.

Can guinea pigs eat sweets?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat sweets or candy because they can be dangerous for them. Any packaged treats you give your guinea pig should be formulated especially for small animals, and you should check the ingredients list for artificial sweeteners and flavors, too. Dried fruit or baked treats are a healthy way to satisfy a guinea pig with a sweet tooth without going overboard.

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