Rat Treats

Giving your rats rat treats can make them happy and help with things like taming and training, but you'll need to be careful about what kind of treats you give, how much and how often. Chewy carries a great selection of pet rat treats for sale, including fruit and nut pet rat treats, yogurt treats, crunchy biscuits, hay treats and more.

Natural treats like veggies, fruits and lean cooked meats and eggs can make great treats for rats and provide a healthy nutrient boost, but be sure to give any calorie-dense treats in moderation. Treats of any kind given in large quantities or too frequently can cause nutritional imbalances or weight gain, so feed mainly pellets with just a few snacks as a supplement. Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the best rat treats and can help add variety and nutrients to their diet, so give these daily in addition to a healthy rat pellet or block diet. Try giving your rats small pieces of things like bananas, apples, carrots, broccoli and peas, and small bits of cooked meat, pasta and eggs can be good occasional snacks for rats, too.

You can find tasty packaged chew treats on our site, as well as dried fruit, nut and veggie treats that make giving your rats natural snacks convenient and easy. We offer natural biscuit treats made from hay, fruits and veggies, too, plus a variety of treat mixes with lots of delicious snacks mixed together. Yogurt treats for rats can make a wonderful special occasion or training treat, but give these sparingly, as they can be rich and lead to unwanted weight gain.

Try putting treats or rat food into rat toys that dispense them slowly to make your rats work and play for their tasty rewards. Scattering treats in the rat bedding is another fun way to get them to forage, or try hiding snacks in different areas of your rat cages, playpens and rat carriers for your little buddies to find. Chewy carries all the rat supplies you need to treat your rats right, plus all the toys, wheels and tunnels they'll need to expend that healthy energy and stay fit. Shop our great selection of rat treats and find the perfect snacks and training incentives for your little friends!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rat Treats

What do rats like for treats?

Rats like natural treats like fruit and veggies and occasional snacks of things like cooked meat, eggs, yogurt and different grains. Chewy carries a variety of packaged treats for rats including dried fruit, veggie, nut, grain and seed treats that make giving your rats a healthy snack easy. We also offer tasty yogurt treats and biscuits that make good training or "special occasion" rewards.

How often should I give my rat treats?

Give your rat treats in moderation, offering small quantities of goodies only once a day or less for bonding, rewards and training. Treats should never replace a healthy diet of rat pellets and fresh fruits and veggies, as too many rich foods can result in nutritional imbalances or obesity in rats. Occasional snacks are fine, but keep an eye on how much your rat is eating and watch for weight changes or changes in eating behavior that may be caused by giving too many treats.

How do I set up Autoship on my rat treats?

Set up Autoship on your rat treats by clicking the Autoship option at checkout when you order. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and change the quantities and timing of your orders at any time. You can also cancel Autoship at any time if your needs change with no hassle whatsoever. Setting up Autoship is a great way to keep track of how many treats you're feeding and to ensure you'll never run out of tasty treats when you need them!