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The world can be a stressful place for an anxiety-ridden dog. The sound of thunder on a stormy day, a knock on the front door, or even a routine ride in the car may be enough to stress out an anxious pup. While you can do your best as a pet parent to keep your animals away from these daily triggers, it’s inevitable that your pet will encounter some of these occasionally. Treating anxiety in dogs can be a process. You may try an animal behaviorist or dog anxiety medications that your veterinarian may prescribe for your pup.

You can also use dog calming aids such as dog calming treats. These are dog treats that contain anxiety-reducing ingredients to help a pet to relax. They offer low-cost and natural ways for pet owners to help their dogs tackle anxiety on a daily basis.

Chewy offers a variety of calming dog treats that can your pet with anxiety. In addition to containing tasty, dog-approved ingredients like apples, sweet potatoes and fiber-enriched flax seeds, Isle of Dogs 100% Natural Chillout dog treats are infused with a gourmet blend of vanilla, lemon balm and lavender extract to help a dog to chill out in a stressful situation. TruDog Calm Me Calming Support soft chews are made with natural bacon flavor and contain chamomile herb, L-tryptophan and ginger root to help ease your pup’s mind. Sam’s Yams Dailys Calmly Chamomile Recipe dog treats are dehydrated at low temperatures to lock in natural flavors of ingredients like sweet potatoes, making them a no-guilt snack option and a dog calming treat that your pup will love.

In addition to dog calming treats, Chewy also has a wide selection of dog anxiety vests, dog calming collars, dog calming supplements and dog calming sprays. Shop Chewy for all your pet supplies.

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