Dog Anxiety Vests

Just like their owners, dogs can experience anxiety. It can be brought on by a variety of triggers, such as fear of being left alone, which can manifest as separation anxiety. Or your pup may have a persistent aversion to a particular stimulus, such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Overwhelming social situations involving humans or other dogs can cause dog anxiety. While pet parents can help their dogs avoid anxiety by removing them from certain scenarios, there are some situations that cannot be as easily avoided. If your dog gets anxiety over the sound of thunder, for instance, it’s hard to relieve it during an intense storm. And even if you keep your pup inside during the Fourth of July, the sound of fireworks can still be alarming to a dog.

Fortunately, there are dog calming aids that can help a dog to combat anxiety. Aside from dog calming collars, Chewy offers a variety of dog anxiety vests that can help a pup to relax in an anxiety-inducing situation. These vests wrap around a pet, mimicking the effect of a hug. A dog anxiety vest distributes pressure over the back and across the sides of a dog’s chest, applying gentle pressure to help calm him down. These are low-cost and effective tools for helping to treat dog anxiety.

The ThunderShirt Sport dog anxiety vest boasts an anxiety-reducing success rate of over 80%. It’s made of soft, breathable material and fits comfortably yet snugly around your dog’s torso, applying continuous, gentle pressure for a comforting effect. The Calmz anxiety relief system for dogs is a dog calming vest that uses a combination of vibration and acoustic therapy to relax your pup. It stimulates specific acupuncture points on your dog’s back while simultaneously playing classical music and tones that are proven to soothe anxiety. And the KONG Anxiety-Reducing Shirt has a built-in lavender sachet that can help to relax your pup during stressful situations, such as trips to the vet, rides in the car or visits from strangers.

In addition to anxiety vests, Chewy offers dog calming treats, dog calming supplements and dog calming sprays to help your pup through times they may find difficult. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supplies.

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