Dog Repellents & Deterrents

Repel your dog from bad behavior with the best dog repellent products from Chewy. You love your playful pup, but not the messes he makes. Dog repellents can keep your four-legged friend from committing unwanted acts around your home. Whether it's keeping your dog from digging up your garden, or keeping your canine away from your closet, dog repelling spray can help keep your playful pooch from leaving a trail of wreckage in his wake. There are dog repellent products for many types of destructive behaviors. Some dog repellents focus on keeping pets from jumping onto furniture, while others address chewing or biting. Chewy carries the best dog repellent brands, and a wide range of dog deterrent products. Shop everything from the best dog deterrent sprays to pet deterrent training aids. Grannick's Bitter Apple dog repellent spray discourages fur biting and hair chewing, and it discourages licking and chewing on furniture or fabrics where applied. It's a non-toxic, safe and effective chew-deterrent spray. The Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone repellent spray for dogs modifies destructive behavior by releasing a pheromone mist. The natural pheromone calms and refocuses pets to end their negative behavior. The effect is longer-lasting than noise-alone products, and helps prevent your pup from re-engaging in negative behavior. When dogs attack, it can be scary. Dogs attack for multiple reasons, whether it's out of a need to establish territory or out of fear, but you can be prepared with PetSafe Spray Shield animal-deterrent spray. The spray distracts the dog with a powerful citronella scent, giving you time to remove your dog or yourself from the situation. You can keep your furry friend from sneaking into your closet with pet repellent mats. The PetSafe ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat is designed for indoor use and is simple to set up and easy to use. With three different intensity levels you can control the strength at which you want to remind your four legged friend to stay off the couch. It's safe for pets of any size, and can easily be moved from room to room. You can train your pet and curb bad behavior with the best dog training supplies. Whether you are in the market for some new bark collars, a new dog training leash, or even some new dog training books Chewy's online pet store has all the dog supplies you will need to get your four legged friend house trained!

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