Wet Dog Food Toppings

Dogs need a variety of vitamins and nutrients in order to thrive. As a pet owner, you feed them a diet that helps them to live their best life with a dog food that fits their nutritional needs. But sometimes your pup may like to have a little something extra at mealtime. And that’s where a wet dog food topping can come into play. A wet dog food topper is a great way to add a little variety to your pup’s dog bowl. Wet dog food toppers mix well with a pup’s dry dog food and can add an extra flavor boost to a meal. They can also give your dog a variety of ingredients, so if his everyday meal is beef-based, a wet dog food topper made with salmon can give him a taste of something different. Chewy offers a variety of wet dog food toppings that can help to add something extra-special to your pet’s regular food. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Toppers Wild Cuts Chunky Beef Bites dog food topper is made with delicious natural ingredients, including bites of real beef that are steeped in gravy and chicken broth. The Cesar Simply Crafted variety pack limited-ingredient wet dog food topper includes pup-approved ingredients such as carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, barley and spinach, with real chicken as the first ingredient. And the Wellness CORE Simply Shreds grain-free chicken, wild salmon & pumpkin wet dog food topper is specially formulated to cater to an ancestral diet with its 100 percent natural, grain-free ingredients like high-quality salmon, pumpkin, chicken and chicken broth. Your pup will love the addition of a wet food topping to his food. Try one out and see how quickly he responds to the dinner bell! Shop Chewy's online pet shop for low prices on all your dog supplies. Related Categories: Premium Wet Dog Food Toppings, Dry Dog Food Toppings, Dog Food Toppers & Gravy

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