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Give your arm a break with the iFetch Too Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy. Designed especially for medium to large dogs, this interactive dog toy launches the ball for you! It’s perfect for when you’re away or busy doing other things—like getting his dinner ready—while ensuring he gets all the mental and physical exercise that he needs. All you have to do is plug it in, choose your launching distance and then drop in a tennis ball. Soon your dog will learn how to drop it himself, which stimulates his mind and allows for totally independent play.

Key Benefits
  • Automatic ball launcher is designed specifically for medium to large sized dogs.
  • Comes with three standard-sized tennis balls, with a non-abrasive design that is gentler on teeth.
  • Launches the ball 10, 25 or 40 feet, which can easily be changed with the push of a button.
  • Operates almost silently with a streamlined plastic design with rubber feet keep it in place.
  • Excellent way to encourage both mental and physical exercise, and allows for independent play.
What's Included

(3) Pack of iFetch Standard Tennis Balls, AC Charger for the Internal Rechargeable Battery.

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    14 x 13 x 12 inches
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    8.5 pounds
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    Adult, All Stages

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    Plug-In Power, Battery Powered


To get started with the iFetch Too, you will need to charge the rechargeable internal battery before getting started. Plug the iFetch Too into the wall using the charger that comes with it. The light on the charger will turn green when it is charged and ready to go (can take anywhere from 2-8 hours to fully charge). The iFetch Too is portable once it is charged, can be unplugged and moved wherever you like. Press the power button on the back, select a distance setting (adjusting the safety switch so the red is visible in order to launch further than 10 feet) and select 10, 25 or 40 feet, or a random setting, which will randomly select a launch distance each time the ball is dropped in. Enjoy playtime and let the fetching begin!

Training Tips

  • When teaching your dog how to play fetch, make sure you train near the iFetch Too so that your dog can connect the dots between fetch and the iFetch Too.
  • Train with the iFetch Too at most three times a day and only for ten minutes at a time. That way, fetch stays fun and doesn’t become fetch bootcamp.
  • If you feel like your dog is getting frustrated and is unable to get the ball into the iFetch Too , then just work on reinforcing any behavior toward the iFetch Too and make sure your dog gets rewarded.
  • If your dog attempts to get the reward via other behaviors (e.g. rolling over, jumping up, shaking paws, etc.), it’s important that you NOT reward these behaviors.
  • If your dog is cautious around the iFetch Too at first, that’s okay. The iFetch Too is new and different and he’s probably not sure what it is. You can start by rewarding him for just going near the iFetch Too. This way he learns that the iFetch Too is just another part of the house. With a little time, you can use treats to bring him closer to the iFetch Too, teaching him to drop the ball as close to the iFetch Too as possible. After a few training sessions (results may vary) your dog will learn to trust the iFetch Too and then it will be playtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the iFetch Too?

With the unit powered off feed a damp cloth down into the tube and out the front launch area. Pulling the cloth back and forth (similar to flossing your teeth) will take care of one level of dirt.As a bonus (and to get a better clean on the wheels) firmly hold the cloth from the ball hopper end and then carefully turn on the unit and press in the ball trigger to cause the wheels to spin about the cloth. Worst case, the cloth might tear or it might get jerked out of your hand and launched, but it shouldn’t damage the unit.

Is this product safe for my dog?

When introducing iFetch Too to your dog, we recommend that you teach him or her to stay behind the product (or to the side of it) as the product prepares to launch. At its highest launch setting (40 feet), the product can toss the ball at speeds which could injure your dog, especially if they are standing directly in front of the product. While most dogs learn very quickly where to stand to avoid getting hit by the ball, adult human supervision is recommended until your dog is fully trained.

What size balls does the iFetch Too use?

The iFetch Too is designed for indoor/outdoor use with standard size tennis balls that are 2.5 inches in diameter.

How far does the iFetch launch the ball?

The iFetch Too has three launch distance settings, 10 feet, 25 feet, or 40 feet, and a fourth option for a random launch distance setting. To set the launch distance, all you have to do is press the button the back to cycle through the settings (switching the safety switch to red if you want to launch further than 10 feet). The light will turn off after 30 seconds, but the iFetch Too will remain on (in standby mode) until you drop another ball in the funnel.

What size dog can use the iFetch Too?

The iFetch Too is specifically designed for medium to large breed dogs.

My dog slobbers a lot. Is that a problem?

Some dogs slobber more than others. If your dog is a heavy slobberer, you may need to wipe off the balls from time to time.

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  • Great Idea But...

    By on

    I have two dogs. One is afraid of the sound and hides whenever we turn it on. Our other dog loves chasing the balls. He stands by the opening waiting for the balls to launch. We tried really hard over about 6 weeks to drop the ball in the launcher and he just won’t do it. Also once the balls start to get slimy the launcher stops working. I think it will work for some dogs but even my ball obsessed dog is not interested. So an expensive experiment. Hoping we can still return it.

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  • iFetch ball launcher

    By on

    Disappointed as my dog won't put the ball in the launcher by herself. I have worked with her to do it, but she loves her football way too much and isn't impressed with the tennis ball and launcher.

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  • Works great

    By on

    The ball launcher works perfectly every time with the blue tennis balls that come with it. My dog will only play with ChuckIt 2 inch balls however. I got the large ball launcher hoping that the 2 inch balls would also work in it, but they are too small to be grabbed by the launcher wheels and launched. I am still teaching my dog how to put the ball into the launcher and he is close to learning it. But I have to manually press the launcher trigger, sometimes repeatedly to get the 2 inch ball to eject. If anyone knows how to modify my 2 inch plastic ball so it will work in the launcher by itself, I would love to hear from you.

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  • Dogs love it.

    By on

    I'm still trying to get the pups to drop the ball in by themselves, but they love it. We are currently using it inside on a low setting. I use regular tennis balls because the covers on the blue ones that come with this item are too easy for my dogs to rip off.

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  • Great Tennis ball launcher!

    By on

    I love it! It's been Saving my arm, Our Husky pup can wear me down.

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  • I fetch 2 .

    By on

    My dog and I both like the ifetch too. The only problem is it didn't come with instructions on how to teach your dog to drop the ball into the launcher.

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  • Love it, worth every penny!

    By on

    Our lab puppy loves this toy. Still trying to teach her the trick of self feeding the ball, but she loves it and would play all day. Also love that you can use standard tennis balls with this, unlike the smaller version (which we almost bought accidentally so beware of this). A+ product. Expensive but worth it!

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  • ISCARE doggy

    By on

    I LOVE the IDEA of this and hopefully will be able to TRAIN my dog to LIKE this and not be AFRAID of it!! :)

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  • An unimpressive launcher

    By on

    Despite reading mixed reviews I purchased the launcher -- bad decision. The This ball launcher is good only for use with totally dry tennis balls (such as the three included); one good happy dog slobber and it's all over. ChuckIt balls are a tad too heavy resulting in 75% jams. With either a wet tennis ball or a chuck-it, the ball either gets stuck (need to turn the machine upside down and shake it out) or it goes only about 7-10 feet with max distance selected. After a few days the ball sensing lever started to turn off the machine (plugged in -- not a battery issue); ball touches sensor and machine turns off. I should have believed the comments :-(

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  • Not good for an active dog.

    By on

    This machine may be good if you have a small or lazy dog but I have a high energy boxer. I read a million great reviews about this machine, that the company revamped their original design and catered it to large dogs... this toy is not what it states.

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