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The K&H Pet Products Double Stack EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill gives your cat an elevated spot where she can play, keep an eye on the neighborhood or settle down for a nap. Cats love being high off the ground, and this sturdy window sleeper makes the perfect perch. It helps alleviate boredom for indoor kitties and keeps them entertained as they jump from level to level and take in the sights and sounds through safely through the window. The Double Stack EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill is easy to install and uses revolutionary Push 'n' Turn suction cups to stay safely secured to the window. The best part is that you can fold the shelf up so you can still use the blinds, curtains or shades without trouble.

Key Benefits

  • Great for cats that love to perch on the window and keep eye on the neighborhood or bask in the sunlight
  • Developed with strength and ease of assembly with an aesthetically pleasing design to coordinate in any homes décor, just secure with the strong Push ‘n’ Turn suction cups
  • Two levels for playing and lounging to alleviate boredom for indoor kitties
  • Sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of cats, over 100 pounds
  • Removable cover for easy machine wash care

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    12 x 23 inches


  • Unpack your Kitty Sill. Holding the bottom platform (the one with no hole) with the suction cups already attached, gently push one suction cup against the window. Level the platform and gently push the second suction cup against the window. Lift the top platform (the one with the hole) to the desired level and push those suction cups against the window.
  • With your fingers, push remaining air out of all suction cups to ensure a proper adhesion.
  • Align each support strap to adhere the Push-n-Turn suction cups to the window, taking care to keep similar tension on each strap.
  • Turn the tension knob counter clockwise to loosen the cup mechanism. Loosen it until it almost comes off the threaded post. Locate the proper spot on the window, seat the suction cup against the window and firmly push the end of the knob to remove air from the cup. Slowly turn the tensioning knob clockwise until tight. Boom, you’re done!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it safely support two cats using it at the same time? You don't show any pictures of that, but in my multiple cat household, I know that I will have one cat on each level at times. Is there a maximum safe weight load?

Each suction cup will hold up to 100 lbs. It is safe for multiple cats once installed correctly.

Perfect Perch

Give your kitty a new vantage point and excellent views of the neighborhood with a kitty sill from K&H Pet Products. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and styles, there's a sill to match every household.

The kitty sill from K&H Pet Products
Strong and secure

Sturdy Frame

K&H Kitty Sill can securely accommodate more than one kitty or a larger size kitty, too — holding 40+ pounds. It's easy to install, and once mounted at the window, can also be readily folded and stored in order to close shades, blinds or curtains.

Cat's Lounge

K&H Kitty Sill provides comfort, relaxation and a welcomed change of scenery for your indoor kitty. The elevated seat cushion takes up little space, and your kitty can be entertained with all the wonderful happenings from the safety of your home.

Give your cat a place to lounge

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  • My boys love this!

    By on

    It took me a few tries to get it secured to the window properly (it's pretty cold here right now and I think that may be why) but it's been stuck up there firmly with no problems. It holds both of my little dudes with no fear of falling. They weigh a combined 20-25 pounds or so. They play, sleep and birdwatch on it. Plus it gives me an extra place for them to hang out in my not so large apartment.

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  • Great purchase

    By on

    Purchased this for my two 11 lb cats to enjoy a new window view up off of the floor. Once securely suctioned to glass, it is very sturdy. It almost seems like the glass will break before the suction is lost! Holds both cats playing rough on it at the same time. Have had it secured to window since the week after Christmas, and have folded it up every night and down every morning. Suction still stays secure. Be sure to properly clean the window before placing, and leave a little moisture on the suction cup when applying to create a stronger suction. Add a bit of pressure to the top suction cups when screwing the locking cups on as well. Would buy again!

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  • They love it!!

    By on

    I have 2 cats, they love to be in windows... BUT, its winter and my windows are closed. We have hung the mount in the front window, and they love it. I am having trouble with one suction cup not sticking to the window, but both of my cats can be on the window mount at the same time and it holds them. I am so very happy that I found this item, cant wait for summer time to see how they hang out in the warm window :)

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  • When It Works, It Works Great

    By on

    We've had this for nearly a month now, and it's holding up great. All three kittens (totaling 23 lbs) load up on it and use it day and night. For those with faulty product issues, I encourage you to see if you can get a free replacement instead of simply returning it. I think it's worth a second chance.

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  • They like it!

    By on

    At first I was afraid it wouldn’t work out because one of the large suction cups wouldn’t stay on, but we called the company and they said to soak it in hot water and try again. That did it. Smokey and Sadie love looking out at the wildlife in the yard. Not only is it a sturdy resting place, but it holds up to some adolescent shenanigans too. They play rough on it! I think it’s funny that the bigger cat likes the top shelf and little sister prefers the bottom. Both find the hole hard to resist and there’s a lot of ambushing going on. This was a great find.

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  • Suction cups don't hold

    By on

    My cat Roscoe loves this perch. I don't have many windows he can sit in so this was a great solution that allows him to sit in the sun. However, the main suction cups don't hold so it keeps falling down, sometimes while he's in it. If the suction held, this would be the perfect perch. Even my older cat Bowie used it, until it started falling. Looking at other comments, it appears this is a common problem but hasn't been addressed by the manufacturer. That's a shame because this could be a best seller. Missed opportunity.

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  • Was great until the suctions stopped working

    By on

    I wish that all of the suctions cups were the same. The main 4 big suction cups are great, the 2 that keep the straps up are terrible. No matter how tight we twist the suction or clean the windows, one straps ends up falling off. My cat seems to sense that it'll eventually collapse and lost all trust in it when the straps kept coming off. Waste of money, cause now the entire product is useless to us.

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    By on

    We are a family of fur babies, and this was exactly what was necessary for the sunny/snow melting day! Safe and secure! These guys are kittens! LOL

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  • It actually folds up so I can close my shutters

    By on

    I love this, better still my cats are absolutely crazy over it. If it's folded and the Shutters are closed, one of my kitties Stands under the window and meows for me to open it so he can sit on it.

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  • Suction Cups

    By on

    Unfortunately the Suction Cups on this are not adhering to the window as well as we want, causing our cat to be hesitant in using it as much as he did his last one

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