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Discover the silica gel difference with Ultra Pet cat litter. Silica gel is a naturally occurring mineral that is purified and processed into granular or beaded form, and its high surface area allows it to absorb water readily—making it the perfect agent for cat litter. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-reactive, it’s essentially just a combination of water, sand, and oxygen in bead or crystal form. Working like a sponge to absorb liquid and trap odor-causing molecule, yet it doesn’t become soft or wet, it’s precisely this reason that Ultra Pet opts to uses it in their kitty litter. While the silica gel crystals and pearls appear solid, they are actually filled with a network of small, hollow channels that instantly begin to absorb moisture. The moisture then evaporates, allowing it to be used over and over again for up to a month. Using the highest quality silica gel available, Ultra Pet litters are made to meet the highest quality standards, and they are safe for cats over 12 weeks of age.