Trainer Dog Collar, Waterproof & Rechargeable with 3/4 Mile Range, 1 Collar, 1 Dog

Rated 4.5333 out of 5 stars
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Trainer Dog Collar, Waterproof & Rechargeable with 3/4 Mile Range, 1 Collar, 1 Dog slide 1 of 7
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Trainer Dog Collar, Waterproof & Rechargeable with 3/4 Mile Range, 1 Collar, 1 Dog slide 1 of 7
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About This Item

  • Encourages dogs to stop unwanted behavior using three correction modes – High Performance Pager Vibration, Nick or Constant stimulation, and audible tone.
  • Comes with 1 IPX9K waterproof remote, 1 IPX9K waterproof receiver, 1 lanyard, and features 2-hour rapid charge batteries.
  • Choose from 127 stimulation levels using the Rheostat Dial and includes a Safety Stimulation Level Lock to avoid over-correction.
  • Features an LCD screen for training convenience and includes a charging adaptor with splitter cable.
  • For dogs over 6 months and over 10 lbs.

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Breed SizeAll BreedsSmall Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large BreedsSmall Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large BreedsSmall Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large BreedsAll Breeds
MaterialPlasticNylon, Plastic, Synthetic FabricPlastic, Nylon, Synthetic FabricPlastic, Nylon, Synthetic FabricNylon, Plastic, Synthetic Fabric
LifestageAdultAdult, PuppyAdult, PuppyAdult, PuppyAdult, Puppy
CompatibilityRechargeable, Battery PoweredBattery Powered, RechargeableBattery Powered, RechargeableBattery Powered, RechargeableBattery Powered, Rechargeable
Leash & Collar FeatureN/AWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproof
Closure TypeBuckleBuckleBuckleBuckleBuckle

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Rated 4.5333 out of 5 stars
15 Reviews
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15 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Anvher on Dec 19, 2021


#ReceivedFreeProduct This training collar is absolutely incredible! I love how gentle it is on my dog, while still enabling me to successfully and efficiently train him. Not to mention, I’m extremely impressed with how user friendly it is as I’ve never used one before. It’s very easy to use and gives you wonderful control of any and all levels of stimulation given. Plus, it has a marvelous range of transmission coverage, is really well made, and the battery lasts very nicely throughout any training sessions. I can’t recommend it enough!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By trenaok on Dec 6, 2021

Good training collar

#ReceivedFreeProduct I do believe this collar has helped my dog to better understand his boundaries and to improve his social skills. He was a jumper on people and especially small children. We began using the tones and did have to go to the shock level of the training at a lesser setting. I do appreciate the fact that there is a locking switch on the shock level so it can't be accidentally jumped up to a greater voltage. We used for several weeks and he has learned to stay in the yard, close by, and to not jump on anyone. This product has turned my unruly dog into a loving pet and gentleman. I recommend this it is a great learning tool. The tones are very effective in controlling behavior as well.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By on Dec 7, 2021

Works Amazing!y

#ReceivedFreeProduct I absolutely love this training collar. We have had other collars before they weren't very durable. My dogs are so rough so they don't normally last. I haven't tried this brand so I thought I'd try this one and WOW! I am sure glad I did. It is made so durable and holds up with my dogs. As soon as its on my dog, they know they better be good. My dog would bark at absolutely everything, even a leaf that moves on the ground, and I can vibrate it and he stops barking. This does absolute wonders. I wish I would have gotten this sooner. I'd definitely recommend this.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Rilynn on Nov 22, 2021

Great for off leash training

#ReceivedFreeProduct So let's start by saying I have a Plott hound, probably one of the most stubborn dog breeds there are, very smart and they love to please but training is a challenge. I was hesitent with this collar but very happy with the results, I spoke with our obedience class trainer with 30 plus years of experience and she highly recommended it, so that initself made me feel better. It is very easy to set up and use, collar is adjustable and you don't attach the leash to the training collar, you use your leash with the regular collar, the charge lasts over a week so your not recharging after each session. I like that it has four training modes of neck stimulation, tone, constant stimulation and pager. It is also water proof, which we have not encountered a need to see if that works. The neck stimulation does not hurt the dog at all but gives them a gentle reminder to behave, the range is 3/4 mile but again I have not tested that yet. This is great for reinforcing the "come" command when your dog darts out the door

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Mackenzielynn1031 on Nov 29, 2021


#ReceivedFreeProduct So my adult male dog is about 5 years old and we got him from our neighbor before she passed away... So when I seen this dog training collar I thought to myself "I wonder if this will keep Bruce from running off" He is not fixed so he loves to look for the female dogs around the block and he will take off for HOURS! So once I got this collar I put it on him read all the instructions and decided to use it. It comes with the collar and it fits small dogs all the way to chunky big dogs, also comes with a walkie talkie controller that has ALL the settings and buttons on it. And lastly the charger that you can plug into any outlet and charge both devices at once or one at a time! I love when you have multiple units that need charge and they put it all into one charger so its less corded mess and one less charger to search for! The collar has 127 settings to use to shock the dog starting at 0 and ending at 127, it gives detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do. The collar works up to 3/4 miles and it is SPOT ON , my dog took off with the collar on and it has a page (which it vibrates the whole collar NOT shocking) then it has a tone button where its a little ring that if your dog does run off you can locate dog by the tone... It has two shock setting buttons, one is a nick which its one little volt and then it has continuous which is when you hold down. In the instructions it says not to hold down longer than 10 seconds because it could cause physical and mental issues, but if the button gets held down to 12 seconds it has a safety feature to turn off... overall I am very pleased with this dog collar because it works and when my dog hears the ping or feels the vibration and hes down the street he instantly comes back and he knows what it means!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Celticangel1972 on Dec 3, 2021

Great product

#ReceivedFreeProduct I got this trainer to help train a puppy. She needs just a little different training then normal and a little shock or vibration helps from this collar. It's easy to set up. Has rechargeable battery and a good range. It's human for the pup. It's waterproof and good for outside usage. I recommend this training collar for anyone who needs to train their dog.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Ladywolf1979 on Nov 30, 2021

Great Collar!

#ReceivedFreeProduct Yes, shock collars are a touchy subject with some people. No, I do not use this all the time with my dog, and it is always on the lowest setting. I don't always have to use the collar. Most of the time he just has to have it on to get the idea. When I do use it I do so sparingly. It is a great quality product and I have not had any problems with it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Aisha on Nov 16, 2021


#ReceivedFreeProduct I have an 8 month old boxer. I accidentally used the shock button and scared her. She cowarded down. I will never use that setting again. I put it on zero so I never hit it by accident again. I have been using the vibrating feature though and it is so great. I use it whenever she does an unwanted behavior to correct her and she has been 100 times better. Our biggest problem was the over excitement when we have company. I am so happy with this product.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Chrys on Dec 13, 2021

Yes! Love love love

#ReceivedFreeProduct This works so well to train any dog. Mine likes to bark at everything and I’ve used this to teach him when to withhold screaming at someone for pulling into our drive way. It also helps teach them not to potty in the house or where they are aloud to run in our yard.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Allyson4632 on Dec 20, 2021

Works great!

#ReceivedFreeProduct Ok I want to first start off by saying, it really does work great. My issue was that it was a little confusing to me to set up. Maybe that was a me issue but it was frustrating. Once I got it fully functional though, wonderful!