Prescription Allergy Medicine for Dogs & Cats

Pet medications can address and alleviate symptoms for the most common pet allergies. Whether you’re dealing with an itchy dog or cat skin allergies, Chewy Pet Pharmacy is your go-to online pet pharmacy where you can easily order your pet meds online with your veterinarian’s prescription.

Chewy Pet Pharmacy carries a variety of vet-prescribed allergy meds for dogs as well as medicines to treat cat allergies, from topical solutions to tablets. Choosing the best allergy products for cats and dog allergy products is something only an experienced veterinarian can do. They can determine whether you need a hydrocortisone cream for dogs, prednisolone for cats, or even an antihistamine for cats. At Chewy Pharmacy, you can find all the same medications that are available at your vet’s office, but you can shop for them from the comfort of home. A member of the Chewy pet Rx team will even get in touch with your vet for approval.

So if you find yourself trying to help soothe a cat allergy rash or relieve dog allergy symptoms like redness and inflammation, you can feel confident knowing that Chewy Pet Pharmacy is stocked with allergy medications for dogs and cat allergy medicine. Pet allergies can manifest with various symptoms, including itching, hot spots on cats or a variety of dog skin problems. Each requires specific medications for effective treatment, depending on the diagnosis—from dermatitis in dogs to cat allergies caused by an overactive immune system. That’s why the Chewy Pet Pharmacy carries the most commonly prescribed pet medications for the treatment of allergy symptoms.

Getting your pet meds is a whole lot easier and simpler with Chewy Pharmacy. To order your pet medications online —whether you need a dog allergy treatment or a cat allergy medicine—all you need is a valid prescription from your veterinarian. The Chewy pet Rx team will follow up with your vet for approval. Plus, you can also add some pill pockets for dogs and cats, and all your essentials like dog food, dog toys, cat treats, cat toys, cat trees, and even dog beds. Once the Chewy pet Rx team verifies your vet’s prescription, just sit tight and wait for your pet meds and other pet supplies to arrive right at your door.

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