Hamster Hideouts & Beds

Providing a hamster hideout for your hamster is essential to making him feel safe, comfortable and happy in his environment. Chewy carries a range of great lounging and hiding accessories for hamsters, including cute hamster hideaway structures, hamster beds, hamster mat sleep areas and more.

Hamsters need a place to hide in their cage for good mental health and to rest. In the wild, their instinct is to hide from predators, so providing a space or two in the habitat where they can get away will satisfy that natural drive for safety. You can find lots of great enclosed hideaways for your hamsters, the most common being igloo-shaped enclosures or wooden nest boxes that provide the privacy your hamsters need. Choose from a variety of hideouts in chew-friendly materials like wood, twigs, natural grass or chew-resistant plastic.

Another popular semi-private hiding spot you can get for your hamsters is a hamster hammock or hanging bed. You can also find some tunnel-shaped hideaways that work great for both nesting and play. Some hamsters also enjoy simple sleeping mats made of grass or comfy fabric. You should experiment with different types and beds to see what your hamster prefers. Just be sure that whatever rest and play accessories you get for your hamster are made of hamster-friendly material that doesn't have loose fabric bits or stuffing your hamster can swallow.

Be sure to get enough hideouts and beds to fill your hamster cages with plenty of places for rest, play and privacy. Remember to put lots of comfy hamster bedding in your hamster habitats & enclosures and nest boxes for burrowing and play, and include lots of hamster toys in there to keep your hamster entertained. Chewy has all the hamster supplies you need to make your hamster habitat a great place for your hamster to live. Shop our great selection of hamster hideout options and start setting up a hamster palace worthy of a king!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hamster Hideouts & Beds

Do hamsters need hideouts?

Hamsters need hideouts to feel safe and secure, so you should make sure to get one or a few for your hamster. Hamsters in the wild live in burrows, so they've evolved to seek the safety and comfort of a private place like a hideout. Hamster hideouts come in many different styles, sizes, shapes and materials. You may want to experiment with a few different styles to see which your hamster likes best.

Do hamsters need beds?

Hamsters need areas that are cozy and safe for sleep and relaxation, but whether you need a bed for your hamster will depend on him. Some hamsters enjoy having an open area like a bed, mat or open nest box for occasional rest, while others will only use a more enclosed area or nest in their bedding when they're not in a hideout. Try providing a range of different options so your hamster can choose.

What are the best hamster hideouts?

The best hamster hideouts will be made of chew-proof or chew-friendly material like wood, grass or sturdy plastic. You can find lots of great styles including igloo-shaped hamster hideaways, box-shaped nesting areas and cool tunnel-shaped hideouts, too. Make sure to get a hideout that's big enough for your hamster to nest comfortably in but cozy enough to provide a feeling of security.