Rabbit Beds, Hideouts & Toys

Whether you have free-range bunnies or house your pals in indoor or outdoor hutches, you’ll want to provide them with a comfy and secure place to sleep. Chewy carries a wide selection of rabbit hideouts and beds to keep every bunny comfy, from plush beds fit for a bunny palace to heating pads designed for an outdoor enclosure.

Choose a tunnel or nest box-style hideaway to help shy bunnies feel at ease, or try one of the rabbit beds and hideouts made of grass for a natural, munchable rest area. Ball-style enclosures work for smaller bunnies and do double-duty as both rabbit hideouts and toys, while hammock beds save space in smaller enclosures. You might also find cool dog beds or cat items that would work—some bunnies even like sleeping in litter boxes lined with bedding or blankets! The sky’s the limit when you improvise sleep areas, accessories and playthings for your rabbit, just make sure all your DIY rabbit toys and beds are chew-safe and non-toxic.

Shop Chewy for all the rabbit supplies you need, including rabbit food, rabbit treats, rabbit litter and beds and hideaways galore. You’ll find the perfect gear for your floppy-eared friend in the small pet supplies section of our online pet store!

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