Ferret Hideouts & Beds

Ferrets sleep a lot, and they absolutely love ferret hammocks and ferret hideaways that hang from the cage. Chewy carries a great selection of hanging ferret beds and hideouts for your sleepy ferrets, including comfy plush blanket styles, hanging tunnels and more. Check out all the different types you can get before choosing one or a few for your pets.

Hanging ferret beds, known broadly as ferret hammocks, save space in the cage and provide extra privacy for ferrets in multi-ferret enclosures. You can find a range of styles, from blanket-type beds to hanging ferret hideouts, cuddler beds, tunnels and more. You can even find some cool bed hideouts that double as ferret toys! They come in warm fleece varieties and lightweight fabrics for warmer climes, and most will be machine washable for easy care. Choose hammocks with tight-knit fabric to prevent snags from toenails and try to get the types that come with hanging hooks or clips that remove easily for cleaning.

When planning ferret bedding setups, it’s a good idea to have at least one bed per ferret, if not more. Ferrets like to have different beds to choose from, and some can be territorial about their sleeping areas. Your ferrets may all snuggle together or sleep separately, but they’ll always prefer to have lots of options for lounging, rest, hiding and play.

Whatever ferret beds you choose, count on Chewy to have all the ferret supplies you need to feed, house and entertain your little buddies in style. Browse our great selection of ferret enclosures and habitats, including multi-level ferret cages, playpens, runs and more, and stock up on all the cage accessories you’ll need to make your ferrets feel right at home. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect ferret hammocks to turn your enclosure into a castle fit for a playful, furry king!

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