Ferret Food

Caring for your ferret means always having a fresh supply of nutritious ferret food on hand as well as some healthy ferret treats to give as snacks and rewards. Chewy carries an excellent selection of food for ferrets, including freeze-dried raw meals, meaty food pellets and tasty food toppers, too. Read on to learn all about feeding your ferret.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores, so the best ferret food will be high in real meat protein and have low carbohydrate levels. Since ferrets eat whole raw prey in the wild, you can find many freeze-dried raw meat diets for ferrets that mimic this ancestral diet, usually fortified with the essential nutrients and supplements your ferret needs for good health. Another good choice would be high-protein kibble or pellet-style ferret foods. These come in lots of tasty flavors—great for picky ferrets—and provide complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. You can also find tasty meal toppers to add flavor and variety to your ferret’s regular diet along with nutritious extras like essential fatty acids, probiotics and healthy amino acids.

Ferrets can be fussy eaters, so you may want to mix things up diet-wise if you wind up with a picky eater. High-protein kitten foods can work for ferrets, as can meaty baby foods. Try mixing these or even ferret treats in with dry ferret food pellets to spice things up for a finicky ferret. Be careful to avoid dry kibble with sharp edges, too, as it can hurt their mouths and make them reluctant to eat it.

Once you decide on the basics of what to feed your ferret, you’ll need some basic supplies to make all those meals go smoothly. Chewy has the ferret supplies you’ll to help feed and water your little buddy, plus a great selection of litter and litter boxes for afterward, too. Shop the small pet supplies section of our store to find food bowls, water dishes and bottles for mealtime and hydration, then look for ferret toys, play tunnels, ferret cage accessories and more to help your ferret work up a healthy appetite. And once that appetite gets going, you’ll find a range of tasty ferret foods at Chewy.com to please even the pickiest of palates!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best food for a ferret?

The best food for a ferret is a high protein, low carb diet, preferably one with a predominantly meat protein source. Many ferret owners enjoy the convenience of feeding ferret kibble or food pellets, and there are a variety of flavors and formulations to choose from, such as the popular Marshall Carnivore Plus High Protein Grain-Free Ferret Food or Wysong Epigen 90 Starch Free Dry Ferret Food. You can also find freeze-dried raw meat-based diets for your ferret like Wysong Archetype Raw Chicken Diet Freeze-Dried Ferret Food. Consult with your vet for feeding recommendations and guidelines.

How much food should I feed my ferret?

You should feed your ferrets 2-4 meals per day, and feed younger ferrets even more frequently than that. You can leave out dry food for free feeding or feed frequent small meals of wet, dry or both. Try using a ferret ball like the Niteangel Snack Ball Small Animal Treat Dispensing Toy that dispenses kibble or treats to supplement feeding and mix snacking and play for your ferret. Whatever you feed, make sure to check the food package to find the ideal feeding amount by weight, and be sure to consult with your vet for expert advice on feeding your ferret.

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