Ferret Cages

Choosing the right ferret cage will help your ferret lead a healthy, happy life and may help you avoid behavioral problems down the line. Whether you’re looking for an indoor ferret cage or an outdoor ferret cage for your little buddy, Chewy has a great selection of ferret abodes for you to choose from. Learn about some of the things you should consider to help you pick out just the right one.

The ideal cage for one ferret should have room for sleeping, eating and playing as well as a litter box area. Wire cages with the bars no more than an inch apart are recommended, as is a solid bottom to hold bedding and provide comfortable footing for your ferret. Larger is always better but giving your ferret time outside the cage will be very important for mental health and exercise, too.

For two or more ferrets, a large ferret cage will be in order, preferably one with multiple levels so your ferrets have room to frolic and get some privacy when they need it. Multi-level cages will usually feature platforms or shelves as well as ramps to access the different levels. This greatly increases the amount of space your ferrets have to run around in and also creates more opportunities for seclusion and rest.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect habitat, you’ll need some basic ferret supplies to get it outfitted and ready to go. Check out our great selection of ferret water bottles and feeders, bowls and litter boxes, and consider picking up some washable ferret liners for the pans, platforms and ramps in your cage, too. You’ll also want comfy ferret bedding, ferret toys and ferret treats to create a welcoming home for your pets. You’ll find a great selection and great deals on all of it in the small pet supplies section of our site. And no matter what type of ferret cage you need, we have the perfect one for your pets at Chewy.com!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big should a ferret's cage be?

A cage for a single ferret should be 36 x 24 x 24 inches at minimum, but bigger is better, and you’ll need to make sure your ferret spends several hours outside of the cage, as well. Multi-level cages are the gold standard for housing one or more ferrets, and they should be considerably larger a single-ferret cage. The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage is a good example of a roomy single- or multi-ferret habitat.

What do you put in a ferret's cage?

Put essentials for food, water, sleeping, play and elimination in your ferret’s cage. You’ll need accessories like ferret water bottles and feeders, a tip-resistant bowl and one or more litter boxes in there, depending on how many ferrets you have. You’ll also want to provide fresh ferret bedding, a ferret hideout, bed or tunnel (or all three!) and lots of ferret toys to play with. A well-appointed cage and lots of quality time outside of it will help your ferrets lead happy, active and healthy lives.

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