Flea & Tick Combs & Brushes for Dogs

When fleas and ticks attack, you're going to want to be ready for them. Keeping a flea and tick comb handy will ensure you’re prepared to protect your best friend from the risks and discomfort associated with fleas and ticks. Ideal for detecting the existence of fleas and ticks on your dog, these combs feature a fine-tooth design. Simply brush through your pet’s fur to reveal any unwelcome pests. If you do find that your dog has fleas or ticks, start treatment immediately—there are flea spot treatment solutions, dog flea collars, oral flea medication for dogs , dog flea shampoos, flea sprays and wipes for your pet, and spray treatments for around your home and yard. After treatment, there still might be dead fleas and ticks on your dog, as well as their eggs and larvae. A quality flea and tick comb allows you to easily remove them from your dog’s coat. If you find a burrowed tick on your pet, you’ll need a tool if you want to remove it. Sentry Tick Remover for Dogs & Cats is a specialized tick removal tool that easily removes the entire tick, leaving no embedded parts under the skin. The remover uses a gentle turning action that makes the tick release from your pet’s body without force or pulling. And if you need a better look at the little bugger, Nutri-Vet Tweezers with Magnifying Glass for Pets feature a built-in magnifying glass that makes traditional tick removal fast and simple. And they can also be used to safely remove splinters, thorns and any other small objects from your pet's coat or skin. Better ensure your pet is flea and tick-free with the help of dog flea and tick combs and accessories. Whether you need more dog grooming supplies, dog food, dog leashes or even a new dog house Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the dog supplies you and your pup may need for a happy and healthy life.

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