Flea & Tick Combs & Brushes for Cats

Protect your feline friend from the perils of infection with the best flea combs & brushes for cats. Fleas are nasty pests that make a home in the coats of pretty kitties. Fleas can attack at any time. Your cat can catch fleas from other pets, outdoor animals, and even the grass she likes to roll around in. Fleas can cause a series of serious health conditions, including anemia which can lead to death. Fleas carry around disease, and transfer bacteria to your cat when they bite. Fleas also cause discomfort, and uncomfortable skin conditions. All those bites and bumps can lead your cat to scratch away her shiny coat, leaving behind unsightly bald spots. While cat flea collars, the best flea shampoo for cats, and cat flea sprays and wipes can kill fleas and ticks, your cat may need immediate relief. The best flea combs & brushes for cats can help remove fleas while you wait for flea medication to work. The best flea comb for cats is one that’s easy for you to hold and is designed to lift and gently remove tiny pests from pet fur. Cat grooming supplies are an essential part of keeping your cat clean and healthy. Safari Flea Comb for Cats has closely spaced teeth to allow pet parents to closely examine the overall condition of your pet’s coat, and to remove any pesky pests that may be feeding on your feline friend. Flea combs for cats help pet parents provide instant comfort to pets suffering from fleas. For great deals on other cat supplies like cat food, cat litter, cat toys or even a new cat tree be sure to shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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