Aquarium & Fish Tank Decorations

Add color and atmosphere to your aquarium with fish tank decorations and accessories. The best aquarium decorations and backgrounds will not only make your fish happy but should also help create a calming effect in the tank. The Marineland Bamboo for Aquariums and Terrariums will be a lovely addition to your aquascape. It’s a low maintenance alternative to live plants and are realistic-looking to create a more natural setting. The Hydor H2Sh0w Volcano Bubble Maker Kit for Aquariums allows you to create a magical and mesmerizing, red bubble effect in your aquarium. The low voltage, red LED spotlight casts beautiful color display in your aquarium and also oxygenates and aerates the tank. Decorative rock formations like Marina Polyresin Cave Aquarium Décor are natural-looking structures that help recreate the look and feel of underwater deep diving caverns. This tiny grotto provides the perfect spot for your fish to swim and hide. Plus, it’s durable and won’t degrade or break over time. There’s also the Tetra Blooming Collection Anemone Aquarium Décor, which features a soft material that’s designed to move and look like a real anemone. And there’s also GloFish Accent Gravel For Aquariums that can enhance the look of your marine habitat. It’s easy to clean accessory and requires low maintenance. Make your tank a welcoming and exciting escapade for your fish. Shop the best aquarium decorations and fish décor here on Chewy today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aquarium & Fish Tank Decorations

Do fish tanks need decorations?

Fish tanks do need decorations, as they provide a habitat for fish and places for them to relax. Tanks without adequate decorations may stress your fish and cause them to seek refuge behind heaters and filters. Creating a nice habitat with fish tank decorations will help your fish feel more secure, and it can enhance their health and natural coloration, too!

What are fish tank decorations made of?

Fish tank decorations are made of a variety of materials. You can find manufactured fish tank decorations made of aquarium-safe plastic, ceramic, resin, silicone or rubber as well as plants made from fish-safe plastic or silk. Natural aquarium-safe fish tank decorations include wood, rocks and live aquatic plants, but be sure to only buy items that are specifically labeled as safe for the type of aquarium you have.

What decorations are safe for fish tanks?

The decorations that are safe for fish tanks include ornaments and artificial plants that are made specifically for use in aquariums. Using household items or even natural decorations like rocks or driftwood may upset the chemistry in your tank, poison your fish or introduce harmful microbes into their environment. The safest bet is to only use decorations labeled for aquarium use.

How do I keep my fish tank decorations from floating?

Keep your fish tank decorations from floating by burying their bases under the substrate or by using aquarium weights or anti-float rings for aquarium plants. Decorative aquarium-safe rocks can sometimes be strategically positioned to weigh down lighter fish tank decorations. You can also use suction cups or aquarium-safe epoxy to secure some decorations in your tank. Many manufactured fish tank decorations will be heavy enough to keep from floating on their own, while others are intentionally designed to float and create a more interesting environment for your fish.

How do you clean fish tank decorations?

Clean fish tank decorations using warm water and a bristle cleaning brush to remove algae. You can also make a 5% bleach solution using 4 teaspoons of bleach in 2 gallons of water to disinfect your tank decorations. Be sure to rinse all fish tank ornaments thoroughly if you use a bleach solution, and you may want to soak them in a dechlorinating solution afterward to avoid upsetting the chemistry of your tank. Most aquarium experts recommend avoiding soap for cleaning fish tank decorations, as failing to remove soap residue could be harmful to your fish.