Reptile Terrarium Decor & Accessories

Your reptilian friend requires a habitat for a good quality of life. Help your pet live longer and happier with the right habitat for their needs. On Chewy you can shop reptile habitat accessories from the comfort of your home. Learn facts about your pet, and the products you need before you buy. Reptile tank accessories help control the temperature, humidity and light of your pet's habitat. You may also need habitat accessories that help filter out bacteria and toxins. Snake terrarium accessories includes snake bedding. When constructing a snake habitat, keep in mind your snake's needs. Snakes prefer bedding that allows them to burrow and hide. Zoo Med Aspen snake bedding is an all-natural product that's absorbent, and allows your pet snake to slither and sleep in comfort. You can control the temperature in your habitat for reptiles with the Zilla Terrarium Heat & Habitat Lighting controller. This temperature controller helps maintain your pet's environment between 60 and 105 degrees. You can select and maintain the ideal temperature for your reptile or amphibians.Worried about the security of your snake habitat? The Zilla Fresh Air Locking Screen Clips latch on to your reptile terrarium, keeping your pet safely inside. Reptile flooring is another important aspect of your reptile's habitat. You can line your pet's cage or terrarium with sand or bark. You can choose between sand, forest bark, or plantation soil for your pet to burrow in and rest on. Exo Terra terrarium flooring comes in a variety of materials. You can choose flooring that is made of desert sand, Douglas Fir bark, moss, coconut fiber, or porous gravel for your exotic pet. Chewy also carries reptile heat lamps from top brands like Exo Terra, Zoo Med and Fluker's. Reptile heat lamps give your pet a place to rest and bask in the warmth. Find all these items and more when you shop reptile habitat accessories on Chewy.

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