Cat Deodorizers & Air Purifiers

You love your cute and captivating cat, but have a true disdain for that pungent litter box smell. Luckily for you, Chewy carries a wide variety of cat deodorizers and stain removers to help you keep that litter box fresh. It's easy for pet parents to go nose blind to cat odors. Don't let cat odors and stains chase away guests from your home, find top cat odor eliminators on Chewy today. Chewy carries the best cat deodorizer brands on the market including Arm & Hammer pet products, Tidy Cats, Nature's Miracle and Piddle Place. Litter boxes are messy by nature with cat litter, but that doesn't mean their scent needs to infiltrate your entire home. With a quality cat urine odor remover and cat stain remover, you can keep your cat's litter box clean and smelling fresh. Arm and Hammer cat litter deodorizer powder gives a boost of freshness to your fury friend's litter box. The baking soda in Arm & Hammer pet products deodorizers destroys odors instantly in all types of cat litter. The scent is moisture activated which means your cat's litter box will get a much needed refresher each time your cat uses their box. Arm and Hammer cat litter deodorizer is also ideal for multi cat households, keeping your home smelling fresh for you and your cuddly kitties. Nature's Miracle just for cats oxy formula that addresses stains and odors caused by your curious cat. Nature's Miracle is an oxygenated citrus cleaner that penetrates deep into the toughest stain to remove discoloration and odors left behind from cat accidents. It's gentle yet powerful formula is safe to use on fabrics, floors, litter boxes and anywhere in your home that requires de-soiling. Mixing a deodorizer powder with the litter helps neutralize strong, unpleasant odors like ammonia. Stain- and odor-removing sprays can eliminate smells in and around the litter box. Plus, you can use them to clean up litter-box misses and accidents or to clean the box during litter changes. Even the most careful cat misses the litter box every now and again. Accidents happen, and when they do visit Chewy for the best cat urine odor removal product for a clean smelling home and happy cat.

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