Aquatic Reptile Filters & Pumps

Using a good reptile filter is very important in any healthy reptile terrarium. Filters reduce the odors that can fester in a tank by eliminating harmful bacteria that can accumulate and cause unpleasant smells in the enclosure. They also promote nurturing environments by cleaning the water so that aquatic life can flourish. Tetrafauna ReptoFilter for Frogs, Newts & Turtles uses a patented Whisper technology for silent operation while it moves the tank water through three stages of the filtration process. The removable filter cartridges trap organic matter and remove odors and discoloration. This filter works in as little as three inches of water and can also create trickling waterfalls. All you have to do is attach the included suction cups to the terrarium wall, then cover the filter with a variety of rocks and plants. Also consider Tetrafauna ReptoFilter Cartridges Replacements which keeps your tank water clear and your filters running smoothly. The outer layer features a dense, dual-sided mesh that helps trap debris and keeps your reptile bedding clean. Keep your turtle's aquarium clean with Exo Terra Fine Foam Turtle Filter FX-200. When waste accumulates, food is left uneaten and plants decay, your turtle's habitat can become toxic from levels of ammonia in the water. This odor reducing pad works with the dual carbon pads to make sure that maximum ammonia absorbing capabilities are applied. Change this pad every one-to-two month for a turtle habitat and every two-to-four-month for other aquatic habitats. The best filters not only help keep the water clean, they also can more accurately help simulate your cold-blooded buddy's natural habitat. In the wild, reptiles live-in fast-moving currents and bodies of water or lakes and ponds with some water movement. A good reptile filter and pump will help keep your reptile's tank in true to life condition. For all other Shop a variety of reptile supplies and at Chewy's online pet store!

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