Reptile Water Conditioners

When you're caring for reptiles and amphibians that require an aquatic environment, it's important to keep their water clear and safe and their terrariums clean. It's also necessary for maintaining the look and ambiance of your tank. A quality reptile water conditioner is just the thing you need in your maintenance kit. There are several types of reptile water conditioners that you'll see while browsing on Chewy, and they each have a specific function. Some are made to control bacteria from turtles, and some clean up the waste left behind. Others help treat tap water so it's safe for reptiles to drink or for aquatic species to swim in. If you're a turtle lover, you know how rewarding it can be to take care of these interesting creatures. But you also know the cleanup they require. They can produce a lot of waste, so your tank can get dirty or smelly pretty fast. That's not only unpleasant for you, but it can make your turtle sick. You can keep your maintenance routine to a minimum with the API Turtle Sludge Destroyer. This reptile water conditioner uses good bacteria to break down the sludge and debris that's built up. It's safe for newts and aquatic frogs, too. Another common issue with turtles and other reptiles is salmonella. Tetrafauna ReptoGuard can help prevent salmonella from transferring from your pet to you. These reptile water conditioners are slow-release blocks that are shaped like tiny turtles. Just drop one in your tank to control salmonella and other disease-causing bacteria. The most important step when setting up your aquatic environment or changing the water is using a reptile water conditioner to make tap water safe for your tank inhabitants. Water treatments remove harmful chlorine and chloramine and neutralizes heavy metals. Chewy carries several leading brands of reptile water conditioners including Zoo Med Reptisafe, Zilla Aquatic Reptile Water Conditioner, Tetrafauna AquaSafe and API Turtle Water Conditioner. So whether you need a new reptile heat lamp, some turtle food, or perhaps some new reptile bedding Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the best reptile supplies.

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