Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Cat Food

Your kitty will come running for dehydrated cat foods that go above and beyond dry kibble. Switching your kitty to dehydrated cat food will help improve his overall well-being. These minimally processed recipes tend to be full of vibrant whole foods. And because they are only gently cooked, they retain more of their natural nutritional value. Pet parents that have switched to dehydrated cat food have seen improvements in their cat’s appetite, digestion, immune system, teeth, gum health, skin and coat.

The dehydrating process removes all the moisture from the food and at the same time retains vital proteins, minerals and nutrients. ZiwiPeak Daily-Cat Air Dried Cuisine is a premium food blend made from 100% natural, fresh ingredients that go through a slow and gentle twin-stage air-drying process for a digestible, nutrient-dense meal. It’s rich in premium free-range, grass-fed New Zealand venison, venison organs and bone, hand-selected essential vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green-lipped mussels, natural kelp and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. It’s an all-natural, grain-free meal that’s perfect for your furry feline.

The Honest Kitchen Prowl and Grace dehydrated cat food is made with human-grade ingredients with free-range chicken or turkey as the main ingredient. It’s also grain-free and only takes three minutes to rehydrate into a mouthwatering meal for your deserving feline. With dehydrated cat food it’s easy to feed your cat the best in nutrition. These recipes are crafted to retain as much of the vitamin, mineral or enzyme content of the ingredients as possible. All you have to do is mix it with a liquid like water or broth, and your kitty will lick up a nutritious meal that is higher in essential nutrients. Shop the best in dehydrated cat food on Chewy today!

Freeze-dried foods are an easy way to introduce your cat to raw without the mess or extra time. The raw protein delivers optimum levels of amino acids, and edible bone supplies calcium to help maintain dental health. All the key nutrients and enzymes are preserved because the raw ingredients are frozen and then freeze-dried without the heat that usually cooks them away. The body can then easily absorb these nutrients, which leads to smaller stools and less messy litter boxes. Freeze-dried recipes can be combined with a little water for a complete meal or simply mixed with your kitty’s regular food, which makes them a truly convenient and versatile option.

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