Cat Hair Removal & Lint Rollers

Cats show us love with head butts, kneading and even “gifts.” They also give us plenty of cat hair. But just because you’re an owner of a furry feline doesn’t mean you or your house has to show it! Cat hair removal products like lint rollers are just what you need to keep your clothes, furniture and house free of cat hair. The Evercare Pet Plus Extreme Stick Ergo Grip pet lint roller is more than your average cat hair removal product. This lint roller has an ergonomic grip handle that is comfortable to grip. As an added bonus, this roller not only removes hair, but is also strong enough to remove ticks from fabric, which will help prevent infestation. To maintain your rug and floors, the FURemove Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom is one option for easy cleaning. The broom is made with rubber bristles to attract cat hair easily. Plus, this broom doubles as a window cleaner with an extending pole and built-in rubber squeegee. Talk about multi-tasking! To keep your house free of hair, there are other supplies you may want to pick up to complement your lint roller. A pet couch cover not only helps keep fur off furniture, but also dirty paw prints too. Regularly grooming your cat with a cat brush can also help reduce shedding. A good cat brush will help reduce the amount of cat hair in your house. While cleaning your home, it may be good to distract your curious kitty with cat toys or catnip so he doesn’t try to bat at any of your cat hair removal tools while cleaning. It’s also a great time to spoil your kitty to make cleaning fun and stress-free for you and your furball. If you’re a pet owner, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the cleanliness of your house or your favorite black sweater. Keep your house and your clothes pristine and hair-free with lint rollers and other effective cat hair removal products from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best cat products for your home.

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